Planning to buy an Octatrack. Question about loading/using multiple samples on one track

Sorry for the noob question, but I haven’t been able to find this out on my own.
To me it currently seems like the only way to use multiple samples on one track is to use a big audio file and splice it into multiple samples. Is that correct, or is it possible to load individual samples to trigger on one track?

Yes. Sample trig locks.


Each track has a [ Default Track Sample ] this is what will play when you have a [ Trig ]

Each [ Trig ] can have a [ Sample Lock ] to play any one of the available Flex or Static samples depending on the tracks [ Machine ]

Any sample can have between none and 64 slices.


Sorry,it’s not quite clear to me yet…

Suppose I have 16 wav files of bassdrums and hihats on my PC, and I want to use those on one track. What’s the ‘normal’ way to do that? Do I actually have to cut and paste these wav files into one big WAV file and upload that to the Octatrack and then splice it there again?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, as I don’t have an Octatrack yet it’s a bit tricky for me to find out how it would work…

Check out Cuckoo’s tutorial, it’s pretty informative and easy to follow:

I think there’s some sort of application where you can chain the file into one .wav file, then it’s slices it for you I think. Otherwise, you’d slice it manually With my style of music I’ve noticed I rarely need something like this so can’t comment in depth. This app looks like it would help though…pretty cool: I might get around to sample chains, sooner or later but now I’m into creating my own sample libraries from various soft synths while I save up for a row of Eurorack or maybe a Nord Lead :cool:

But, the normal way you would do it is, for Track 1 (T1):
Load all of your 16 .wav files into sample slots (let’s say you use 20-35 sample slots). Then on T1/Trig 1 place your sample that’s in the 20 sample slot. Now, for all of the other samples, you have to press and hold the trig key and use the LEVEL knob to select #21 sample slot sample. You would do that for the rest of the trigs.

I’m fairly new to the OT but hopefully that helps some. :thup:

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You can load them as individual files into the project if you want.

For each of the 16 steps on the Octatrack sequencer track you can then place a different sample, but only one sample can play on a track at any given time.

For example if you put a sample on Trig 1 (step 1) and then add another sample on Trig 2, the Trig 2 sample will play and cut off the Trig 1 sample.

You do not need to have one large file, although that method can work too.

It’s a very simple process once you familiarise yourself with the OT.