Plasmonic - from Absynth developer

Demos sound top notch. Will definitely fill Absynths boots


Oh cool. I recently upgraded Absynth. Thanx for reminding me. I’ve been trying to find a good granular synth in Reaktor to sample with the OT. This guy is a genius. A real innovator. I’ll be watching this

the indiegogo is more than half way there. i backed it. sounds interesting and different. always been a big fan of the sound of absynth.

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Absynth is one of those hidden gems. It’s really deep, but once you learn a few things, it really puts out some interesting sounds. Lots of crazy options for sound design. I’m back in!

Absynth is super old now, I think this looks like a worthy successor and will be good for those really spaced out ethereal pads and soundscapes that Absynth excelled at.

absynth still sounds great though. i have no fun using it. the GUI just turns me off. the mutate feature is amazing though. i’m looking forward to Plasmonic. the gui appears to be pretty straight forward.

i think the indiegogo campaign is for presale discount opportunity. it’ll be released regardless of where the campaign ends up.

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Yep, not into crowd funding either. Im in no hurry really, so might wait and try the demo first.

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Thanks for sharing, sounds really cool!

I had the demo, and I just bought the full app for MPE with my K-Board and LinnStrument.

Congratulations! What about management? In the demo version it seemed to me not very responsive.

I’ve only done a quick demo to play it MPE-style with the K-Board, and it’s fine. Everything else seems to work normally If by “management” you mean something more specific, let me know. I’m on the latest model of MacBook Pro 16" with 32GB, i9 in case that matters.

Sorry! )) i speak about edit sounds.