Play Until I Say When?

I have a pretty long pad that I’d like to have continue for multiple patterns, but stop maybe four steps before the next note so the release part of the envelopes can take effect. I’d rather not have to count out the notes each time – instead I’d like to set the note length to INF, then set up some sort of trigless lock that tells it to stop.

Is this possible? Setting a trigless lock just to reset the note length doesn’t work – it just plows through it without stopping.

Couldn’t you just put a note at the stop point ( not trigless ! )with the same sound -settings - only with a zero attack and zero decay setting so it will go directly yto it’s release - fase . ( you will have to make the ENV undotted so you want heare a shift between the 2 notes - they will seem as one ? ) - I’m not with my instrument so I haven’t checked this :confused:
sttrange that it dousn’t work with a trigless - did you try to make a parameter -slide between the 2 ?

Did you try a trigless just modifying tha amp-release ?

I kinda forgot what I was going to use this for, natch… bought a couple new toys and I’ve been lost in playtime.

I’ll give it a shot in a day or two and report back. Sorry!

I’m having the same issue - and than OI tought of your problem.
Thje way I see it that’s a bug. I managed it by putting the Oscillator-levels at 0 but it should work wen tutting the amp-level at 0. I noticed before that sometimes making a amp-level lock at 0 dousn’t work. I still haven’t updated my instruments do.
Are you stil having this problem - maybe I should start a tread about this - to see if other users have the same issue - or if it’s resolved with an update.