Playing an A4 with an AK. Is that possible?

Hi there! I really want to have more voices for my AK and I might buy an other A4 if its possible to send the joystick input as well in a split key scenario… so one half would be the AK the other half is the A4. the note info is fine I guess I’m just not sure about the pitch/mod/breath/aftertouch part.



Like this?

A poly chaining option could be great for the A4 MkI’s second hand market. 4 boxes playing as one 16 voice monster. What a dream. Maybe it is possible via an OS update?

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kinda. my idea is to create a split keyboard on AK one half is internal, one half is external. Im sure that the notes are going through, im just not sure about the joystick… would it behvae seemlesslt? …if I have the same patch on both. I know its not the same as a true 8 voice but close enough for me.