Playing soft synths with external gear

How do I play soft synths along side my external gear without any latency?

I’m trying to play soft synth notes with my external sequencers. The external sequencer is also playing external samples, drum machines. The computer synths lag behind everything else.

Is this even possible?

Thanks in advance!

Keep it below 512 samples. Anything past that point you will notice the latency. What is controlling the soft synths ?

:metal:t4::metal:t4::metal:t4: Thanks! Octatrack or the DJS. I’m trying to play things like Diva and Repro along side my hardware

I do this with my A4. I have it sending MIDI in to Ableton Live where I can sequence synths and samples. I previously did this with my Octatrack but sold it once the A4 received the MIDI out update late last year as it was kind of redundant for my music making process by from that point onwards.

What DAW are you using to run your softsynths and how are you sending the MIDI into your computer? In Live with a low buffer setting I get very little latency, either by MIDI cable via my RME UXC or via USB cable.

If you don’t need or want a DAW, this VST host has been a real simple way to just use your VSTs in standalone mode. Totally changed the way I play virtual instruments, because they are not processed thru a DAW. Easy, fast, low latency.

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Thanks everyone. I don’t have a dedicated midi interface so I have to use Maschine as a midi portal into Ableton Live.

Yup that should work then. Send the notes you want to Diva. So if you have a midi track without any instruments pickup the midi from that and send to the midi track diva is in.

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All this is super helpful!

I also turned on reduce latency when monitoring and everything now feels super tight. I may never have to buy a hardware synth LOL LOL!