Plays free one shot tracks not playing final step

Can anybody suggest why a track set to Plays Free+Oneshot should only play, for example
15 of 16 steps, or 31 of 32?

I have per-track scale mode with one 16 and one 32 step track yet neither play the last step. It happens whether or not the sequencer is running, and in each quantise mode.

Many thanks…

It works for me with this settings :

1 plays free with 16 steps
1 plays free with 32 steps
All steps played.

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Yes I have the same settings…

I should probably add that mine are MIDI tracks, incase that makes a difference.

Can you replicate the problem in a fresh project to isolate any other variables?

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I tested audio tracks. I can’t check now.

Tested with a new empty project this morning and the problem persists with audio and MIDI tracks.

Both work for me. I don’t know why it wouldn’t work.
More details about your steps?

My first thoughts were that it’s related to track length modifications, but on an empty project (with no other settings changed than required) this shouldn’t really happen.

No, exactly. I’ll try some more experiments this evening and report back - I have somewhat of an experimental set up with exteral gear so it may be related to that.

I’ve tried everything I can think of - disconnecting everying and switching every setting off and on in a variety of combinations and the problem still exists, only ever in oneshot trk mode. Would you advise conntacting Elekron support at this point?


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Ticket logged. I’ll report back for the record.

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Good luck with ticket.
What is your OS? MKI or MKII? (more for curiosity than version difference suspicion)

I made my tests with an octave up on last trig for the 16 steps track, and down for the 32 one.

It’s Mark II. Why and octave change, did this reveal anything?

Easy to hear, nicer than 11 semitones to my ears…:slight_smile:
What did you do to check the last step?
I didn’t count actually. Maybe the 1st one is missing? :sketchy:
Ok next test will be 1st step octave down and last octave up.

I see - good thinking, yes I wanted to check that the last note wasn’t played audibly as well as visually, so I counted the note ons in MIDI monitor, and there were 15 and 31.

So I made another test with midi plays free at at 30 bpm, so I could count. No problem.
Just a remark, the last step is not shown, but I can hear it.

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I need to check this again, will do so later. It’s possible I made a mistake. Elektron have confirmed it as the last LED not lighting, (but final step plays) to be fixed in a firmware update.