Please help me decide the fate of my NS-10 speakers

So, I have a pair of NS10 that work great. I love them. But I don’t use them.

I love them because they saved my mixing skills. I was using a pair of Dynaudio BM50 - great speakers, sound really good, but when I had to mix one of my tracks, which at the time was rare, 2 years ago, I struggled. I liked my mix and then listened elsewhere and didn’t like it. Took me a month (!)

Long story short(er) I took that pair of NS-10 out of the closet. They didn’t sound as satisfying but when I mixed on them, I could relate to the results elsewhere and love it.

That made me look for new speakers. I tried another closed design (Neumann KH310), was not the right one. I settle on a pair of Amphion one 18, I love them, I now mix semi-professionally (tracks are released, not making money yet) and I don’t need the NS-10 anymore to check anything.

So, I’m thinking about letting them go as I bought lots of expensive instruments lately, and like it minimal without anything not used for too long but man, I’m hesitating. They are collectors, they are great, and once they’re gone.

Not even sure why I’m writing all this, I know I’ll get all the opinions and their opposite. Could be fun though :slight_smile:

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I’d say keep them if you’re not in a financial tight spot and bills are piling up.
Only sell them if you need the funds to pay for new gear you want to try.

I made it a habit to first sell stuff I don’t use anymore to counterfinance new acquisitions.
I also only buy second hand if possible to mitigate loss when reselling.
This strategy eased the burden on my monthly income A LOT.
Once you crossed the border of gear collection into “I’m never gonna use this all at once.” territory you can rotate stuff in and out (sell/buy) without touching your bank account at all or only putting little cash on top.

Probably not really the answer to your question, but that’s how I approach the decision of letting stuff go.

Example: I was hesitating for a long time to sell a Sirin, because of collectors syndrome and the fear of regret if its resell price should go up. It’s a limited edition after all.
But I barely used it, and in the end I sold it to finance a (2nd hand) octatrack, which I could never have afforded otherwise. Very very happy with the decision now.

The sirin was also financed by selling a couple of smaller pieces that I started with. See the system? Start small and work your way up to the “premium” products you originally dreamed of. Allthewhile learning how to make beats/music on hardware with increasingly complex and powerful architecture. At least that’s how I made it work for me overtime with the given limited budget.

Sorry for rambling, one thought led to the other…

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Thanks! As my original post IS rambling, I appreciate the rambling, and perspectives.

Here, I did collect premium instruments, effect, speakers, mixer and am more than happy with it. I don’t lust for more, it’s already enough.

The collector syndrome, that’s what I’m suffering! Other gear (that I still have to list) that I don’t use, I don’t have difficulties letting go. This will be a Blofeld and my previous Dynaudio monitors. But the NS10… I’m thinking my kids will be thrilled to have them. So I’ll probably keep them :slight_smile:

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Having experienced your setup first hand I can say that just this morning I was thinking about how lovely and high quality your studio setup is! So yes, you’ve made some really good decisions and I take inspiration from that :slight_smile:

Re the NS10s, I think those are one of those rare pieces of equipment that will only amortise with time. They are ACTUALLY a collectors’ item (or will be), not just something that’s fun to collect lol.

So in that light & if you’re interested in such thinking/have the space for it, I’d keep them as an asset if nothing else.

I have a pedal like that, bought it 10 years ago for 200€, last time I checked people were peddling it for 1500€ + on reverb & co. I don’t use that pedal much, but keep it until I don’t want to anymore or know what to trade it for :slight_smile:

That said, life’s for living and there’s also nothing wrong with letting go of things that have served their purpose for us / giving someone else the opportunity to get in/enjoy something — even if it is “an asset.”

Conclusion: you really can’t go wrong either way, just do what your heart tells you, the rest is peanuts :slight_smile:

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Keep them if you don’t need the money, they are only going up in price and if you wanted to get another pair in the future they will undoubtedly cost more, and you won’t know their history - like how they have been stored etc.

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Thanks! I like to read different perspectives. They are indeed a collector item. Reading you, I’m feeling I’m not 100% done with them. I’m in urgent need of the cash either. I’ll keep them safe and stored and maybe set them up somewhere else for listening pleasure… Oddly, I like to listen to music on them!

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I think they sound great too, so do Auratones.

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Are they old school unpowered ones? If so, I’d keep them. If they’re more modern powered ones, and you’re happy with your mixes, and they’re not significantly different from your main monitors, sell them and get some Auratones.

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They are the real thing. I got them like in 1996 in a radio studio, as a gift which happened as a misunderstanding somehow and then my boss, dear friend, said well keep them we don’t care. How I regret to not take one of these Revox tape machines that were also ancient technology for the place!

I’ll keep them, you’re right. Set them up somewhere in the house some day.

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They also make good kick-drum mics.

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Sell them
I have a pair I haven’t used for 15 yrs. I should sell them Though I suspect one of them isn’t quite sounding as it should but I can’t test them