PLEASE HELP! My Monomachine does not start!

Hello, my Monomachine is not working. please help me, what is the Problem?

First thing first : is it written “PSU-2” on the PSU ?

Hello, sorry i´m from Germany. my english is not the best. what du you mean with PSU-2?

best regards Marcus

power supply. make sure you are using the right power supply.

The thing with two wires that powers your machine ^^
Power Supply Unit.
Analog Elektron use PSU-3 while old trinity use PSU-2.
Switching them is easy done, if you own both type of machines…

Can also be a pb with the power supply.

you mean the Power Plug? i use onli plugs from Elektron Octa, MM & MD. It´s all the same plugs.

Ok, all good in this regard…

maybe downgrade the OS?

Or factory reset…
But this would delete everything that you have done already…

You should write a ticket to :3lektron: I think.

try test mode and see if you get any errors hold function button when powering on.

to perform empty, factory and soft reset refer to page 109 and 110 of the manual. try test mode first.

hey Cosmic, i have try last times only change the power adapter. now i have change the power cable and my mm works again! thanks for your info - change power supply:ok_hand :slight_smile:


Super, viel spass.

many thanks to you

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In case it’s useful to anyone coming back to this thread - it depends if it’s a Mk1 or Mk2 MnM. I’ve had both, and the Mk1 uses a PSU that delivers AC into the unit. The MnM Mk2 (and MD) uses a different PSU that delivers AC. I don’t think you’d get anything on the display if this was the OP’s problem though, you would more likely damage the unit. I fried a MIDI controller that was expecting 9VDC once by getting mixed up and plugging a Qtron AC PSU into it. The ‘magic smoke’ was released, and the controller had to go in the bin…


yes it was really the wrong power supply. i thought, it´s all the same by elektron. but no, it´s really differents.

I attach little piece of color tape to avoid mixing my own PSUs…
Would love to see Elektron come up with an “Eventide Powerfactor”-like device that would take care of this.
And if it was offering the possibility to go play music far from a wall socket for 5 hours it would be make it totally mandatory :smiley:


Monomachine, Machinedrum & Octatrack all use the same power supply (PSU-2), however you might have different revisions of the power supply depending on when you bought each unit. In any case, they are interchangeable.

Analog Rytm and Analog Four however use the PSU-3. This should not be used with MM/MD/OT (although it will work, and should not damage the unit in short term use, but avoid doing so), and vice versa.

If you power AR/AF with a PSU-2 the digital components will receive enough power, but the analog will not - they will not be able to produce any sound. (Will not damage the machine!)

@maclebash sounds like you have one PSU-2 power supply that is broken, is that correct? In that case we’ll send you a new one on Monday.