Pocket Operator - Rick and Morty PO - 137

That schwifty tempo :joy:


Ridiculous :smile:
The layout of the print is identical to the po-35 speak, so I guess it’s just a special edition of that with some Rick and Morty voice recordings.

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:joy: this can’t be real! Surely?!

If it is, it’s getting bought

It’s real lol. Hoping that comes with enough fart and burp samples.


really bad

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wow never guessed Justin was genuinely interested in TE. I assumed it was an inside joke got real in TE studios. Also those crowscrowscrows guys are amazing too.

curious, what does “along with more bells and whistles” mean here? Its an enhanced version of PO35 after all? I wonder what theyve added…


Wubba lubba dub dub

This was real?! I thought this was a joke/meme!

How does a show that doesn’t air regularly attract so much attention?

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It’s played on repeat on Adult Swim, daily. It is the new Family Guy.

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I absolutely adore Rick & Morty, but wouldn’t buy the PO unless it was the same price or close to the same price as the original.