Polyrhythm Table for Micro Timings (Triplets, Quintets, etc.)

I didn’t find this on the Forum so I made up a small table that will help to program polyrhythms with micro Timings.

The Problem: You wanna play breaks with triplets or septets with your hihat or snare, but you dont wanna leave your 1/16 grid? You can do this with retriggers or setting up da different scale for the track. But this isnt as flexible as doing it with Micro Timings. With uTiming you can play Triplets, Quartets and Quintet all together in the same pattern on the same track!

You can easy program Triplets, Quintets etc. with the help of the table. For example, you wanna play triplets on a 1/16 grid, just place a step in the 1., 2. and 4. beat of that quarter, add “1/48” to the 2. beat and subtract “1/48” on the 4. beat on the uTiming.

If you want to play all notes of a quintet, sextet, septet or octet, just double your Snare or Hihat on a second track and play every other note on the second track, eg for septets:

  1. Hihat plays 1., 2. +1/128, 3. +7/384, 4. +5/192
  2. Hihat plays 2. -5/192, 3. - 7/384, 4. -1/128




Thanks for that!


here you get the larger picture. I expanded it for whole and half notes an nonets:



Thanks for posting such an awesome resource!


and here you have it as an XOX Table. This might be easier to read, just in case, you wanna program some trap, progressive metal, jazz or whatever :slight_smile:




This is freekin awesome.

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Really useful

Very cool. Thank you, goatofneptune:wink:

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Maybe you can the step next to that you want to overdub.

I wish there were trophies we, as a community, could give you for sharing things like this.

Thanks so much, goat. I was kinda curious about this, but hadn’t gotten around to exploring it.

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Oh, aren’t those just options for those particular steps?

thank you all, you’re welcome! :slight_smile:

as I only own two drummachines by myself, do you know other models that have a 1/384 beatgrid with microtimings and could use the same tables for polyrhythms. What about the tempest, mfb stuff, Sequencers etc.? Any suggestions?


Goat, bloody fine work :hamburger: have a hamburger on me