Possibility of Making a patch with different sounds inside

Hi everyone,

I have red a few topics which I thought could help me, but they didn’t. I am wondering if there is any possibility to create a patch with different sounds inside on Elektron Analog Keys?
I mean for instance by pressing keys it will be almost ready composition, bass and pad, plus some fx coming through the sound or a bit of drums, like loop but not really.

If anybody knows that it’s possible please, could you explain or send links with explanation.


There is a way to trigger patterns by pressing a key, I’ve only read this - never tried.
1 track can have multiple sounds by sound- or parameter-locking.
So I THINK you could have 1 to 4 tracks with different sounds inside eatch track, triggered by one key.
Now if it’s just a sound you are looking for ( like from the + DRIVE or SOUND POOL ) it’s not possible as far as I know. Parameter - locks can’t be nested in a sound. they are track-related.

Read about or try the PAT.PLAY function of the Multi Map feature of the Analog Keys to see whether that function meets your needs.

I have checked Multi Map feature and it’s not what I’m looking for. It is more similar as I think to play 1 to 4 tracks at the same time by pressing keys.
But I can’t figure it out if it’s possible and how to do if yes.