Possible to latch/hold ARP in chromatic mode?

Seems like it should be easy to latch/hold ARP notes you’re playing using the buttons in chromatic mode. Am I missing something obvious?

other than recording them or using an external MIDI controller /w a “latch” function… I´m not sure this can be done on the OT! :-/

Just noting this here because I somehow set it up again in 1.40A. CC direct connect is on and map/track was selected. If you are in MIDI mode with chromatic selected hold down a few keys to arpeggiate then press the MIDI button and the track is latched, press MIDI again to go back and fiddle with settings. Another way to latch though not as immediate is to hold the keys like before then while doing so select another part, once you select your original part again the notes will be latched.


Nice one. I experimented that with Plays Free midi tracks (latched).

With an external keyboard : hold trigs with tooth picks, sync arp!