Preamp suggestions

I am looking for a decently priced preamp, not only for Elektron gear, but especially for the Analog 4. Does anyone have experience/suggestions?

Hey! Not all at once :slight_smile:

what’s your budget?

this place seems like a ghost town. where is everyone?

I think a lot of people have success recording directly into whatever audio interface they have…personally I just get levels right on a hardware mixer and record entire tracks in stereo to my Apogee Duet.

Well, in the meantime I didn’t get a channelstrip and/or preamp, as I originally wanted, but a simple Behringer Eurorack rackmount mixer, which was a little big of gain and doesn’t sound half bad. So I refrained from buying an expensive channel strip.

Eitherway, if someone has a channelstrip or preamp they’d like to recommend, I’m still interested to learn.

Yeah, Behringer does not mean bad, as so many will lead you to believe.

For a decently priced preamp/channel-strip you should look into the Presonus RC500 as it’s serious kit for the money.
They do a cheaper unit with a tube pre but if you scrape the money together for the RC500 it’ll probably stay with you for life.

The only problem with those kind of devices is their mono nature so you’d need a couple for capturing the stereo output of the A4.

Thanks, I’ll check that out. It sounds really good. Two of them are not cheap, but they might be worth the money.

I don’t have much experience with the more high end stuff but been happy with both Gap Pre 73 + Art Mpa Gold. Both around £250 last time I looked. Both can add a lot of character when driven. The Art Mpa is stereo and apparently sounds a lot better if you switch the tubes out, but the stock ones are fine too.