Problem: Octatrack controlling RYTM filter?

Hey guys, so I have my RYTM on a Thru track on Track 1, and Flex machine playing a sample on Track 7. Whenever I scroll down the Width of the filter of OT Track 7, it affects the RYTM also, which is cutting the frequency of my RYTM. I don’t really want this to happen, and I can’t figure it out? Anyone know what’s going on?

Probably MIDI.

Under Project settings ensure the Audio CC is on “INT” (internal) only.


Hmm I think it worked! :smile: Thanks!

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Was wondering, why would the OT control the RYTM even though I don’t have a MIDI Channel assigned to it? (Sorry i’m a MIDI noob) lol

you clearly do - the confusion is that the audio side can also output midi parameter change data and the default channels will overlap with those on the AR - so even if you have no MIDI tracks enabled there is still the chance of MIDI CC data from the audio side encoders/crossfader


Hmm okay, I think I get it now. Thanks! :smiley: