Problem sending midi cc to multiple midi tracks

I am trying to use a midi controller to send CC values on multiple channels to control the CC1 parameter on multiple MIDI tracks so that I don’t need to switch between midi tracks.

For example one knob on my controller is set to send CC36 on Channel 1 and a second knob is set to send CC36 on Channel 2.

So far I’m only able to send on a single channel by using the Autochannel parameter…

Is what I’m trying to accomplish actually possible, and if not, why?

There are several things to check.

Firstly, have you assigned MIDI channels 1 and 2 to any of the OT’s audio tracks? If so, this will prevent messages on those channels from reaching the OT’s MIDI sequencer tracks.

Ok I made sure that none of the audio tracks are triggered by midi.

Right now everything is set to OFF in the MIDI > CHANNELS section.

Midi track 1 is sending on Channel 1 and Midi track 2 is sending Channel 2.

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Have you set the midi source page to send to those channels? Hit the midi button and double tap the src page to set what channel it is sent to.

Let me check on what you’re trying to do.

If you’re trying to record on both tracks at the same time, then the OT will not do that: it will only record to the active track.

Or are you trying to only pass on the MIDI messages to downstream MIDI gear?

Yes so I’m only working with midi tracks here and not doing any recording.

Tracks 1-4 are set to Channel 1-4 respectively in the source page and I’m sending note data in all 4 tracks to my multitimbral synthesizer to play 4 voices.

My goal is to use the FX1 and FX2 pages on each track (I have their CC values mapped to my synthesizer already and this is working with the octatrack knobs) but I want to control the page parameters using my connected midi controller so I don’t need to switch the active track and can change them (for example the CC1 parameter on each midi track) simultaneously.

I think this would be a good workaround but in this case I’m just trying to pass midi messages from my controller to the octatrack midi page parameters on multiple tracks.

Not possible, unless you send channels 1-4 at the same time with your external controller (doable with midi processors).

(Possible with Digitakt / Digitone)

But if I turn two knobs at the same time on my midi controller with one sending CC36 on Channel 1 and the other sending CC36 on Channel 2 wouldn’t I be sending on Channels 1 and 2 simultaneously?

Yes it would, even 8 faders on 8 different channels for instance.

But your midi tracks channels have to be different from audio tracks channels (MIDI > CHANNELS menu). Otherwise they can’t receive midi data on those channels.

I have all audio track channels set to OFF in the MIDI > CHANNELS menu but even so its not working… any other ideas?

Solved! The mapping on the midi controller should have been set to the synthesizer mapping of the CC1 value in the octatrack and not what was listed in the manual for that particular midi track parameter. The values in the manual are only for when autochannel is used. I think this was stated in the manual but it didn’t register in my little brain… anyway… I don’t fully understand why it was implemented this way but I’m happy now.

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You’re talking about values of midi tracks control?

Read CC DIRECT CONNECT chapter in the manual.

The cc mapping only works if it takes on the values of the external synth parameters and not the cc of the octatrack parameters.

And yes thats exactly what I don’t understand because direct cc connection is disabled yet its acting as if its turned on.

Not obvious but :

Another OT particularity. Read the Midi chapter and appendix twice! :content:


That cracks me up… thank you for finding that little needle of information!

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My oh my… I remember getting mad at this, and got a Pyramid for midi!