Problem sound loading?

brand new to A4. never upgraded the OS as my unit came with 1.1D installed. i then tried to load the sound banks from electrons webpage. C6 sends fine and A4 tells me it received the sounds, but i can’t find them anywhere?? when i browse they are not there, i have A1-256 and B1-256. also can’t find the +drive either? id i double tap a track button, then i just get the option of A and B sounds. all strange as it looks as if the unit received these sysex sounds??? thanks in advance for any feedback :slight_smile:

If you are seeing a+b banks you are looking at the +drive. Each trig acts as a bank in the +drive. Assuming you loaded the sounds anywhere, you should be able to double tap track, hit trig 3 (bank C) and see sounds. To make sure you are in the +drive or the pool, double tap track and then hit left to open a menu that says “browse +drive/pool, filter, etc”.

Also: Functiin + Sound and then go to manager and you should now be able to browse through the banks via trig with exta options by hitting “right” for moving, deleting, etc.

thanks for the info. its all a bit confusing. looks like some of the imported sounds ended up in the sound pool which i never realised was even there. the only thing is i have nothing in bank c?? these sounds are only in sound pool and not in any +drive banks. i thought these imported sounds should have copied directly into a new bank©?? thanks

Here is another current thread that may help.

thanks for that. been doing some reading on this. and can’t seem to work out why i have sounds in my sound pool (which i never put there btw) which are not in my +drive. i thought all sounds should be in +drive, right?

No offense, but you must be doing something wrong.

Turn on A4. Double click track 1 and then hit left. What does the first line say? Should be highlighted. Does it say “View Pool” or “View +Drive”?

had the same poblem, sounds will only be received by the A4 in the pool. i had to copy them from the pool in to a empty bank.

global menu settings are important

when i do that it says view pool, as i am in +drive. when i go to pool then i can see the sounds i imported. just strange that they never loaded in bank C of +drive. i will have to copy them to bank C by myself, thanks for the info, now to work out how i do that :slight_smile: many thanks for the information guys, much appreciated.