Problem with daw and digitakt

This is so simple im sure and i cannot figure it out. Ive googled it. Youtube’d it. Searched these forums. Havent found a solution

Im Probably going to get yelled at.
Sorry in advance.

Just got overbridge working with my daw. Using cubase 10 artist. Im using my digitakt as my soundcard.

When i press play in my daw it triggers my digitakt to play also. Ive recorded some music, i just want to hear what ive recorded. My “int to main” is off.

Btw, just getting into overbridge i think its great. Being able to multitrack is totally cool. Cant wait to dig into it more.

Also is there a link to a page that has some solutions to minor problems like these so i can use it as a resourse?

Hello! Welcome!

Haha, no one will yell at you :slight_smile:

Are you unable to hear audio from the DT? or is the DT playing when you do not want it to?

If you want to turn sync off on the DT, on the VST there is a drop down in the upper right.

Regarding resources, I highly recommend reading the manuals for the DT and Overbridge.

You can find these on the support page:

This thread lists video tutorials:

There is also lots of good into in this thread:

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