Problems Updating AK to OS1.21

I try to update to Overbridge 1.0.5 an have the following problem:

When I start Overbridge there is an error message:

When I try to update the OS using the “Analog-Four_Analog-Keys_OS1.21.syx” via C6, the AK still waits for sysex and nothing happens. I also tried to update via “Early Startup Menu” with the same result. The Ak still waits for sysex.

Are there any special settings for the AK-USB-Midi Port in C6?

Any other idea?

Many thanks in advance

“Analog-Rytm_OS1.21.syx” ??

sorry “Analog-Four_Analog-Keys_OS1.21.syx”

good spot columbo !!
i’d add, ensure you are in usb mode (aot OB) on Ak System/Usb menu
and also that when you start C6 it shows turbo mode on (do not touch), a good sign you’re hooked up properly (assuming only one elektron connected)

Fixed it… I started C6 directly from the ZIP-File. Now I extracted it first to the HDD and it works…