Processor briefly losing the plot?

i searched for this and couldn’t find anything; hopefully i didn’t use the wrong keywords. if this is something other users are experiencing i can’t believe i would think someone would have mentioned it by now.

when i have a pattern programmed, with the delay being sent from various parts, or even a sampled chord playing, working with the machine while the pattern is playing (muting/unmuting, switching between synth/sampler/filter/amp/lfo) causes the delays to briefly go out of sync and samples go out of tune. it is very brief, and coincindes with the press of the buttons/pads. i notice it most when muting/unmuting tracks, which i of course do a lot.

it’s as if the processor struggles to keep up with what i am doing, like programming or muting/umuting tracks while the pattern is playing causes things go out of sync/pitch very briefly. then everything syncs back up or goes back in pitch and acts normal.

i notice this most when muting/unmuting rapidly or several parts at once.

has anyone else experienced this? i am on the latest OS.

I’ve seen exactly this, but on the Analog 4, not the AR. It’s only happened the once, and the problem stopped after a reboot.

I assumed it was due to a drop in the MIDI clock that was being sent to the A4, as it was specifically the delay time that glitched each time I hit a button.

Unfortunately I was more in a mood to get things done than for troubleshooting, so I didn’t try something smart like disconnecting the incoming MIDI clock - I just rebooted the A4, and I haven’t seen it since.

Are you seeing this often? Do you have the AR slaved to an incoming clock? Try disconnecting it next time it happens to see if you’re still having the issue without the incoming clock signal.

funny you mentioned this- my AK does this too. when several tracks are playing at once, with various levels of delay/reverb/chorus being sent, switching between oscs/filter/amp/env/lfo and many other buttons causes this to happen. sync drops for a second.
they are being synced via midi clock, but i doubt anything is dropping as i am using a cirklon for the master. i’ll try playing the AR via it’s own sequencer to see if i can replicate it though.

i think you are right, this only seems to happen when slaved to external clock. when i turned off the midi and transport sync in the global config i could not replicate.

I’ve actually just seen it again in the A4 this evening - this time I didn’t reboot, but pulled out the MIDI in cable, and the problem disappeared. Things were fine again when I reconnected the cable.

I’m using the OT as a clock source, and seeing as both it and the Cirklon are fairly well known for being solid clocks - and seeing as I’ve never seen the problem in the MD or Monomachine when slaved to the OT - I’d tend to agree that the problem is in the A4 and the AR - it looks to me like they share chunks of code between their respective OSs.

i guess it’s time for another support ticket.

keep us updated please.

i have an open ticket as well, since my AR cannot switch patterns and stay in sync.

it’s ongoing, and still not resolved. It’s appalling to see how many users are having syncing issues with the AR. I’m curious to hear what they say about your issue.

ok, so elektron answered almost immediately. this is a known issue and a fix will come in an OS update.

well, you’re lucky !

I’m still waiting for them to “replicate” my issue.

well, you’re lucky !

I’m still waiting for them to “replicate” my issue.[/quote]
maybe your issue will be addressed with this update, who knows…?

well, you’re lucky !

I’m still waiting for them to “replicate” my issue.[/quote]
maybe your issue will be addressed with this update, who knows…?[/quote]
I’m really hoping so, as it’s making the AR look quite silly, to be frank :slight_smile:

hello, updates (1.02D for AR and 1.11B for AK/A4) are out today. elektron support messaged me and said these should fix the issues we are describing in this thread.

i will not have an ability to test this for a little while, but if anyone has the chance, please drop the new OS into your AR/A4/AK and reply if the delays going out of sync/samples going out of tune/beat going out of sync when changing patterns issues have been sorted.