Program+bank change issues (Rev2)

I want to change programs and bank directly from my Digitakt patterns, so that it can change my rev2 sounds on the fly, without having to turn knobs.
My problem :
Strangely enough it seems to work great for bank change with this technique juste above, but not program change. Program change…doenst change !

Here’s the technique for bank changes :
In the SRC page, leave Bank empty (X). P-lock PROG for your Trigs with the respective Program number.
For the Bank switch, go to the AMP page and use BSEL LSB (32) for e.g. SEL1.
Go to the FLTR page and P-lock VAL1 with the Bank number (0=A, 1=B, etc.).

But I can’t change automaticaly program changes…yet.
I put the right program number in the SRC page but non change when I press play, if I manually turn the program numbers on the Digitakt, it changes on my rev2, but not when I press start.

Does somebody knows if there is news about this ?
Is there a program change feature in the AMP page since it seems to work pretty well for bank changes ?
Thank you (I’m very newbie with Digitakt).
Using 1.11 firmware.

Me too new with digitakt and i can’t change banks on my sound module

Try to do it with the technique I mention, it worked for the banks change for me…my problem being…the program change ! Good Luck man

I just didn’t understand this part. Sorry i am new to Elektron world. I am hearing parameter lock but i haven’t practice yet. Can you detail a bit more? But anyway you said there is no program change, what am i suppose to do with bank change only?

Help somebody ? :relaxed:

It seems like you are quoting a workaround that was required with an older version of the Digitakt’s firmware.

Instead, try the following: in the SRC page on the DT’s MIDI sequencer track,

  • set BANK to ‘OFF’,
  • set SBNK to the bank number (in the range from 1 to 8) you want on the REV2, and
  • set PROG to the program number you want on the REV2.

You should not use any controls in the AMP (CC SELECT) page anymore for this purpose.


You can change banks and programs using the method I described in my post above this one.

The Digitakt allows you to set a default bank and program to be selected whenever you use the current pattern on the Digitakt.

Or if you want you could change the bank and program on any (or every) step in the pattern by using Elektron’s parameter-lock (“p-lock”) feature. You can read about the power of p-locks in section 10.10.1 (pages 34 and 35) of the Digitakt’s manual.


Thank, it’s very weird.
It works when I just turn on the Digitakt on and don’t touch anything.
But if I change bank or program on my rev2, the Digitakt sequence won’t trigger any program or bank change…whyyyyyyy !!! I have to reboot my Digitakt so it works only once !
Help me please and…sorry

Hi dude, just FYI that this is good advice that I’ve tried for this exact problem - but still doesn’t help in my case (as the DT still doens’t select the correct bank / prog when pressing play). I’ve found a workaround that I’m posting below, but it’s not exactly the most elegant.

I had this exact problem the other day and worked out a solution. I wish it worked more smoothly but try this:

Hey Jamaha, thank you for this tip. I would really like it to work otherwise I sell my Digitakt for a Pyramid.
It’s sad that it cannot (Can it ?) be adressed in a patch upgrade.

No worries, I’m surprised there isn’t an easier way - hopefully someone with more expertise than me has an idea.

The pyramid is a very different thing to DT, and you’d need enough external gear for it to sequence (it doesn’t produce any itself) so I’d look into that before comparing or giving up on the DT.

If you change program on your Rev2 after you have sent the message from the DT, the DT does not know this and so it thinks that there is no need to send the messages again. The best way to get it to work is to use change the values from the DT alone or on the Rev2 alone.


[X]'ed the bank. Use [SBNK] as a bank number and [PROG] for the preset number. My module will set itself to GM mode. I can’t reach other 8 banks on my sound module (Roland XV-5050)

What i can do best is: (when module is set the patch mode) i set the desired bank on the module’s panel myself, then dial the [PROG] knob, i can see module responds to that and all the presets going up and down with correct number. Let’s say i set it to PA bank or PB bank, from here digitakt [PROG] will control the presets correctly. Module PB: 53 S&H Pad = Digitakt [PROG 53]

With PeterHanes technique it worked.
That was the secret, control everything via the Digitakt and don’t touch the Rev2.
I’m happy :slight_smile:
Thanks Peter !


Hello, i made a video about the issue hoping that makes more sense
Thank you anyway.

You are talking about the Roland XV-5050 but this topic is about the DSI/Sequential Rev2.

The XV-5050 uses different messages for Bank Select. I showed you in a previous topic how to control the XV-5050 from your Digitakt:

If you have any questions about the XV-5050, please post them there instead of here.

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