Project/sample backup

I’ve searched this forum and read the manual again
but can’t seem to find the answer I’m looking for
I’m currently working on a few tracks over a few banks,
I’m understanding kits fine now, and the basic saving process down so I’m not losing work etc

But what I’m not getting is how can I keep track of what samples are with the project?
The Octatrack has a collect samples feature the places the samples with the project.

Do I have to keep the samples used in this project on the +drive forever if I want to come back to this project next year for example? How does the project locate the samples?
I have read that can back up projects with sysex but what happens with samples?

Is there a way to back up the project and samples together ?

My main concern is If I try changing some samples in my sample library on the +drive
I’m worried about wreaking my project if I move or delete a sample used.
if there was a way to select all samples used in the project and place them in a separate folder even manually, I would be feeling less stressed about losing work is this not possible?