Prophet 6 Desktop

GEEZ, this is tempting.


Yeah… Hmmm. I’m looking around for more stuff to sell. :astonished:

I just bought a Prophet 12 about a month ago and anticipate buying a Prophet 6 in the next few months. The idea was to cover more grounds as far as sound goes, but now Im getting a chubby at the idea of selling it and buying two of these for a 12 voice analog beast.

For now, I’ll enjoy my honeymoon with the Prophet 12. But goddamn you Dave Smith…I can feel my credit card heating up in my back pocket right now.

Proud owner of a Prophet 6, nice to see DSI, bringing this over to the desktop and delivering this particular vehicle at a cheaper price.

Oh man.
May have to replace my A4 with this.
If it had CV out it would be a no brainer.

Yes, definitely on for this one.

May need to swap the AK out…

I was hoping they’d release a desktop version. Not that I see myself being able to fork out on it for at least another year but I wanted the option of a good polysynth without a keyboard.

Any indication of the U.K price tag?

Judging by the us price, and the UK Price of the keyboard version, I’d guess about £1600

Unfortunately not it seems…

A little pricey for me, would def have to wait til I can get one of the 2nd hand market as awesome as it sounds,

only £200 cheaper than the KB doesn’t seem right

This thing blew me away. Coming from Elektrons, Nords and romplers the P6 is so quick to edit and immediate to control, everything is right there on the front panel. Looks like an Apollo mission control panel. Sounds insane, easy to come up with Autechre/BoC weirdness, Front 242 bass riffs, Underworld sweepy pads etc. FX units are great. It’s expensive, but somehow feels like a bargain.


Yeh, the P6 is really great, either in module or keyboard form. The OB6 seems to be even better though. Well, better is maybe the wrong word, as personal taste affects it so much.

Both are marvellous synths, can’t go wrong with either one.

I’m waiting for the OB6 module to come out before I make a decision. Will be a tough choice between the two though.

Not sure how it would compare to the OB6 as I’ve never played one in person… in fact I bought the P6 sight unseen on a whim (waiting on two Elektrons on backorder, saw they had an open box P6 demo, called them up and voila!)
Now just need to sell a few pieces of kit to fund the Octatrack I originally wanted…

oh, I would love to get one of those! really seems to be an amazing synth.

I thought I preferred the OB6 after listening on YouTube. But yesterday, when I compared them in store, the P6 was more direct. Had better bass. Whereas the OB6 was fuller in the midrange. More dirt and more dramatic patches that reminded me slightly of the P12. The P6 would make the logical upgrade from my P08. Quick and even easier to program. Oh, and the P6 module is available now for just over £1500, UK. The OB6 is £2160, cheapest…Module coming end of the year!

I use my AK for structural sequencing, and P08 or P6 for warmth and bass. Now if only I could employ the AK’s direct sequencing control on the Prophets! :imp: But I won’t start on that old chestnut. The built in step sequencer on the P6 is direct. And there’s Modstep for more complex patterning.

I have this module too and it’s the bee’s knees!

Is an OB6 module definitely happening?