Psy-X genres

Nice. Thats up there with Erkin Koray and all the Anatolian rock stuff.

But what qualifies it as psy-. ? The occasional heavy use of reverb ?

I think Spacemen 3 said it best when they called their album Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs to.


If you’ve done psychedelics, then any music that reminds you of, or is suggestive of psychedelic states or moods, is a good candidate for psychedelic music.

‘Psy’ as a prefix is reserved for trustafarian white kids as mentioned above.

Yeah, there’s basically no relationship between psychedelic music and electronic subgenres starting with the Psy prefix, beyond a few surface stylistic appearances.


Thank you @Fin25 and @Microtribe … between your last two posts, I think I’m finally getting the answer to my original question .

But I can see this thread will likely carry on with a life of its own beyond that. :slight_smile:


quite odd that your listening to the people who have made it clear in the thread that they don’t like or understand the genre.

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I’m taking on board the distinctions they’re making between psy-something and psychedic-something … not the value judgments.

But I’m still listening for explanations … and more music, since the thread has taken that direction.

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Yeah, all this moaning’s really buggered up my chakras.

Gonna go and infuse some salvia and goji berry in my vape and think about rainforests for a bit.

Sorry, just taking the piss, obviously there’s plenty of people into all the psy stuff, it’s just not for me. All part of the fun, like how everyone thinks I’m some sort of skinheaded burnout methhead because I listen to Gabber all the time, which is only about 60% true.

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Dont get me wrong, Ive done my share of acids in the forest with some massive sound system pumping out Psy whatever endlessly… couldn’t bloody stand it. Always seemed to walk miles and miles to find some frogs or an owl or something. Or head back to my van and put the kettle on. Ive done the whole salvia thing… best with no music, top tip. And the mushies thing, James Brown is amazing on mushrooms, and all 11 volumes of the Rubble collection, or go for a bike ride then come home to Parallelograms.

Any of electronic psy genres though… no thank you. Kick is always too loud :wink:

Had a cat named Psyx, or Psychs. He’s dead.

I dont think its to do with reverb use, or delay mix. Its more about the slightly tilted, slightly unreal feeling that the music conveys. Possibly explains why I dont like the ‘psy’ genres, I find them mechanic, plastic, empty and fake, they dont interest my imagination at all, its just boring to me.

Where as certain types of techno, a lot of @Fin25 's music, and the stuff I have already mentioned above is to me, totally psychedelic. Bloody subjective innit.

I tell you what though, this whole thread is making me want to do mushrooms.

Right in season too…


Lol, that’s a new one to me, I presume the trust is for ‘trust fund kid’?

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