Quantisation 'on note press' please

Hi Devs and nauts

I give this machine a 4.9 out of 5… it’s excellent

However my timing sucks and it would be really nice if we could have quantise on note trigger so when I mash the buttons it’s quantised before it makes the sound.

I think Ableton has this, I use reason. But yeah anyone else with me on this?

I believe if you press Play + Record in succession it switches to Quantized record mode. I don’t have the DT anymore so I can’t check but read the manual and it should help you out. This is definitely possible.

To enter quantized live recording mode hold the rec button and tap the play button twice.
It’s on page 29 of the manual.

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But it does not quantise on trigger only on playback, am i wrong?

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough … of course you can have your note trigs quantised as it plays back … but I want it to play quantised when I press the buttons like a finger drummer.

I’m pretty sure it quantizes on trigger. I had to turn it off because it was throwing off my groove.

If I understand you correctly, what you are asking for is not possible and certainly will not be implemented.

If you play a little late, how would the unit know how to make the sound before you hit the button?


I believe what he’s asking is if it’s possible for the trigger to be Quantized as he hits it. Similar to how the Circuit works when you finger drum on it.

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Datastrain is correct this is what I want and to answer the above commentor if you are late it will trigger on the next quantised step - 16ths 1/8th or whatever you set. I would find this useful

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