Question about amps and speakers

so i got a shitty soundtech powered mixer (4ohm 225w x2 main out and 2ohm 325w x2 monitor) that is powering two shitty Sunn pa speakers ( rated at 150w 4ohm ). i am wanting to hook up a subwoofer (mackie s410s passive sub). could i just plug the sub into the monitor out and the PA speakers into the main out? it would be better to have a crossover im assuming but will i get by with this set up ? thank you in advance for answering

You can get by with that setup for sure, but ideally you want something that acts as a high pass filter on the mid/high PA speakers. I’d worry about that more than than filtering on the sub alone to try to optimize things.


each channel has independent eq. so i could kill the lows going to the PAs and vis versa

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Amazing two cats talking about sub frequencies….