Question on clocking for recording

It worked well. Recorded into session view and arranged from there. Will delete if it’s not ok to share music, but this is more so as an example of how what I described can be done. Every sound was multitracked to it’s own channel in ableton.

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Well that’s a very good idea. I might try it in the near future. Lately I’ve just been recording what comes out of my OT into Ableton and taking the xtra step to “warp from here”. But, if I find the need to sync the puter again I’ll try it this way. Thanx for thinking out of the box

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Yeahhhh… It does have an established groove and it swings. This technique will be good for a track or two. Are you applying any swing to the tempo? That would be a very neat experiment to apply different swing amounts to more than one machine with their manually set tempos.

No swing, some micro timing. The music I make doesn’t swing typically.

The long term solution is a erm multiclock most likely, but if it keeps working well I’ll keep putting it off.

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Whats your sync path with modular, synths, and Ableton?

I have the Multiclock, a Mac w/Apogee Elements and a Pamela’s New Workout for the modular kit and am trying to figure out if having the secondary modular clock is redundant or if there’s a value-add in integrating it.

i told you the trick to get it to sync,
Just put the overbridge Rytm plugin in ableton take the clock from that then run midi from that to other gear. Save yourself $1000

I honestly believe these eternal clock things are for people that don’t understand how to use their daw properly so they throw money at it.
And from what I read people buy those things and still have problems.