Question re Uno Synth Pro keyboard version

The Uno synth pro sounds great to my ears and I am seriously considering the purchase.
The desktop version is rather cheap here in Europe, around 300 euros, but the power supply via USB really bother me. There are too many bad reviews commenting on how flimsy it is, as well as a host of other bugs.

Has anybody got the keyboard version and can give me some honest feedback on the overall quality and sturdiness of the device?

The keyboard version is built like a tank.

To have a fully 3 VCO analog monster with the Rossum DNA is pretty amazing for the price. It is up to IK Multimedia to fix the bugs and support the machine into the future. I hope they will, like adding midi poly chaining so I could BUY multiple desktop versions :sweat_smile:

I thought for almost half a year the keyboard was light and all plastic, with cheap knobs, when looking at it online.
It’s heavy duty, and heavy. Pitch/mod wheels are thicc. The knobs are fine (but can be replaced for your custom look I am sure).
Its color is kinda muted, not as screaming red. The keybed has a really nice bounce to it. I don’t know why the OLED screen had to be so small, but it is crazy sharp. The red light for the matrix should have been white instead. Hard to read anything on the surface, but you have few options so it’s easy to remember.

I agree with Nick when he gave its score (best mono). It sounds deep and focused, but not DCO sounding focused. I was not into getting another ‘classic’ old school sounding analog anyway.

The Uno Pro, to my ears, is not trying to replace or clone anything. It will complement what you already have, no matter what.

It went up $50 since I bought it.

I got mine for 399 new somehow. It’s a steal, considering I paid that for the desktop version originally. Both are awesome, can highly recommend either one.

I live in Europe and the lowest price I can get it for right now is 529 EUR new. Not too bad, but definitely not something you would buy on impulse, especially given some of the feedback I read. Somebody reported overheating and bad smells after powering up the keyboard version. As far as the desktop, i really don’t want to go down the USB power supply route.

The final decision will be up to you. I gave you my honest feedback as a Uno Synth Pro keyboard owner. So far, so good. If my unit start burning up I will have no problem sharing my issues and updating this thread.

I have no allegiance to any companies.

I also love the design.