Quick easy recording without a laptop

What do you use for quick recording? Say you’ve got some patterns going you like, and you want to send a wav/mp3/whatever to your mate, or even upload to soundcloud, is that when you have to get the laptop out?

I have an AR that sends audio to my A4, and then when I want to record I plug the usb from the A4 into my laptop, and start up live, and record, and then export as mp3.

Can anyone recomend a tool for this that doesn’t involve my laptop? I guess even if I can just use my phone to capture audio vie USB that would be good enough…?



Thanks, I’m such a noob I didn’t even know the name of the things. Field recorders!

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Three solutions I use:

A field recorder. My weapon of choice is the tascam DR-40x, but there are other models from tascam, Zoom, and even Sony that are interesting.

Use a sampler. Most are capable of recording. I used to always have my DT or Tracker hanging off a sub mix for this. I’m now experimenting with a 1010 Blackbox which is stereo and can record much longer takes.

Multitrack at the mixer. If you’ve got all your sound running through some hardware to balance it out anyway, why not just record there? There’s a proud tradition of this going back to 4-track tape, but some modern solutions include the tascam Model12 (which I’m fond of), Zoom’s R-16 and L-12, and even 1010’s Bluebox (which I hate).

Or, I suppose, buy an OT :wink: I haven’t gone down that road, though, so can’t tell you where it leads.

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The AR and A4 are class compliant, so you can often record them over USB straight to a memo or video on your phone. perfect for sending ideas to your friends.


If you have a smartphone, get a cheap soundcard for it and use one of the millions of apps? I have a Galaxy s10e and an iPad. I have interfaces that work with both and I can record directly into them. Some of the interfaces can be as little as $40USD if you just wanted RCA inputs.


AR and A4 can send the stereo sum via USB. If you have an iPhone, get the camera connection kit and a recording app and off you go. :+1:t3:


what @mqldng is saying… record it
into AUM for example


Reloop Tape 2 - Reloop if you find one second-hand.

I use 1010 bluebox or iRig as an audio Interface for iPhone. Super easy and inexpensive.

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I was using a Zoom H1N
Then I picked up a Spire Studio a few years ago.
I find it super convenient for quick and easy recording.

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Goood idea, what recording app would you recommend?
Something simple and high quality?

I use a Zoom H4n, but any of those Zoom ‘H’ units would be fine.

Also, I use my AR/A4 combo regularly… if you run the A4 into the AR you can use the AR’s compressor, which is cool for sweetening quick stereo mixes to a field recorder.

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I’d been running them the other way, but that makes more sense, thanks

I really wanted a Model 12 or a Bluebox, but I kept it super cheap and easy and picked up a Tascam DP-006 and it gives me the same vibe as my Fostex 4-tracks from the 80s only way better and I got it for a hundred bucks. Does the trick.

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I never use a computer. I record directly to my phone with a zoom u-24 or if the device I’m using has a usb audio interface. And for me it’s been working great. However I always record everything as a one take performance.

Not sure if you have an IPhone but if you do hear is my workflow.

Record into Audioshare app, send the recording to Grand finale app for mastering type stuff (EQ, compression etc.) and that’s it. I always make sure that I have my level set correctly in my hardware. So I do initial mixing and gain staging first in the hardware then I just record the performance


Audio Share works fine and offers plenty of recording format options and data transfer.