Quick Q about pattern chains

I was having problems with pattern chaining until I read the manual today where I realized that when per track is on I have to set the pattern chain settings independently for each pattern. Got that sorted but now for some reason one track (a flex track playing back a sample) continues playing over in pattern A02 (when jumping from A01).

Everything else works normally and if I enter record mode there is no trig on that track, but it is however looping away happily unaware that it is sitting in the wrong pattern.

If I stop the transport the sample stops playing and doesn’t come back when I run it again but if I shift from A01 to A02 then it just keeps playing.

Go to the channel that keeps playing and try turning on ‘starts silent’ on the A02’s patterns settings page, or Plock a sample with the vol set to 0 at the start of the new pattern :slight_smile:

Or check the length / hold and release settings on the trig from A01 and see if they are set to INF?

start silent worked thank you.

Isn´t this depending on what setting that flex track sample got regarding Loop?
That is, if it is set to on in A01 pattern. It will still loop even when changing to A02 (with no trig), because you literary haven´t stopped that sample loop when coming from A01.

If in A02 on the other hand, it won´t start until you´ve actually set an trig in the sequencer to start play that sample (regardless of what loop setting it got).