Quick-release a rack spacer

My Machinedrum, MCL, and ESI-2000 are mounted on the top of a flight case, facing up.

Can anyone think of something to accomplish the following:

Some kind of post, or pair of snapping or clamping hardware, to enable me
to easily move a spacer around.

I have my MCL attached to it so it can go directly above the Machinedrum. But I need to be able to move it frequently so that I can access the part of the ESI-2000 which is covered by the cables sticking out of the MCL.

The Machinedrum is the center of an integrated rig within the flight case so the preference is to keep everything hooked up within, cables out of sight.

The MD is in the frontmost space and moving the ESI-2000 to be in front of it it is not possible due to how deep it is - there are devices mounted below. And mounting it horizontally is not an option as it would become near unusable.

Thus I would like have the MCL where I’ve selected but attached somewhat loosely.

EDIT: I just tried placing it with no screws and that works for visuals but I’d prefer it to not slide around when using its controls. Maybe if I can’t come up with anything I’ll compromise and use just one screw…

EDIT 2: Here’s a picture:

These have some “easy” studs. Well, no screwdriver needed

Think they might work for you?


That looks really promising, thanks!

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They kept coming up on my Amazon app. I’ve not seen anything else like them. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Thumbscrews? Probably not as quick as the option posted above, but using 1 each side could be fairly easy quick to undo and move.

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That’s a really good idea too, and I think I will try it as well.

What metrics do I need to look for? I actually don’t know what kind of screws are used for rackmount. (Is it 10-32? After some googling I arrived at this )

For this application they probably need to be quite short so only a couple turns to remove.

It would depend on the thread size of the rack nut thingys. Seems like they can vary but mine are m6 adam hall brand from thomann. Thumbscrews just came from local hardware and are 1.5 cms ish long and also have a hole for a chunk allen key.

If youre unsure of size, (should be universal) im sure any local screw store(we have em around here, industrial area) should be able to tell ya what you need