Radioshow need content.. Help me get a job

Hello my forumfriends,

Today was a gloriously nice day. it was the day of a job-interview… At a tv/radio-station… After having a delightfull discussion, there was word of me doing an alternative music radioshow… So now, I think i make a better chance of succeeding in my quest for a timeslot… if i can actually produce a show nice in the comfort of my own home… So to make long story short:

I am in need, of people who make nice music, of any kind… that is arty and skillfully made… who want their music to be on my radioshow, and dont mind if i keep their music in my record collection, so i can rebroadcast it later…
and yes, i dont want to break any law… so please, i just want music you own the full rights to, and i want the permission to broadcast it in my radioshow…

So help a fellow elektronaut create a radioshow with wonderfull music that isnt mainstream…


…i’m iiin! :grin:

Ive got plenty for you, send an email or pm and i will send you links/files

i definitely have a track or 2 for you! … congrats on the radio show … I was a cohost for a FM Radio show few years back … good memories!

message send

:slight_smile: thank you

I’ll pitch in too :slight_smile:

got a linkie/preview ?

nice stuff koam

@the_dreammer I hereby grant you the right to pick whatever pleases you in this collection of amateur tracks and broadcast it on your radio show. My pleasure.
My favorite is “Factory works”. Not sure any of it is broadcastable, but suit yourself. And please, give us the URL :wink:

Having a listen now…
I am not sure what url will be… the job is at local radiostation… so it be on local cable :slight_smile: that is, if i get the job…
that why the content-hunt… cause well if i do get the job… i prob have to make show every week… so :slight_smile: i dig it, that i can use your collection… the first song sounds promising… nice vibe…

Nice and beefy charlie :slight_smile:

Idk if this is what you’re looking for, but I re-uploaded a new track today. Video coming tonight or tomorrow.

Nice… its a weird kind of happy… groovy :slight_smile:

Feel free to grab anything you like.
If you want to use one, drop me a line and I’ll send a WAV

Listening to your stuff while drinking morning coffee spacetravel… “love has gone” and “moot” sound nice…
bit more beats and whatnot… excellent

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