Random sample chain help

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Whenever I try to use a random LFO to modulate the start/slice parameter of a sample chain it never seems entirely random or at least not as random as what I’m used to (Reaktor, OT arp etc.) Often it will favor the first slice by a wide margin. I’ve tried changing the speed and depth parameters in all directions but always with the same results. I’m guessing there might be something I’m missing? Any guesses?


My guess: try setting the starting slice to the ‘middle slice’ of the chain and not setting the lfo depth beyond the number of slices.

For example: 32 slice chain - set starting slice to 16, lfo depth to 16 (so that the LFO only wanders 16 positions from the starting position, that is, from 16 to 1 or 32).

I hope I managed to explain it in some understandable way. And that I’m right, of course :smiley: lemme know how it goes.

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Thanks. That works much better with slice # set to the midpoint. :slight_smile:

The depth seems to work well if it’s set to a little more than the number of slices.

Had the same problem, thanks josker, it works!!!

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