Randomize Parameters Analog Rytm Mki (1.5A)

Hi there,
i try to figgered out how i can randomize parameters with the analog rytm? what i have to do…steps, which buttoms?

it’s explained in the release notes for that OS and on page 70,72 of the current user manual

e.g. [FLTR]+[YES]

List of changes from OS 1.45b to 1.50


All sequencer tracks can now be set to send sequencer data through the MIDI OUT or USB ports to control external, MIDI equipped, gear. Each track sends note on/off and velocity data over MIDI.

Added the possibility to set individual scale (speed of track playback set in multiples of the current tempo) per track.

Implemented the functionality to randomize the parameter values on a parameter page. Press [PARAMETER] + [YES] to randomize parameters.

There is now an option to set a specific tempo for every pattern within a project.

[MKII] It is now possible to control multiple performance macros simultaneously with the QUICK PERF AMOUNT knob.

[MKII] Added the possibility to select audio over USB as a sample source.

Pressing the [PADS] now automatically changes active track. This is the default setting for new projects, but can be turned off in the SEQUENCER CONFIG menu.

[MKII] New graphics are added for several parameters related to the filter, envelopes, and FXs.

[MKII] Improved knob graphics to better display the min, middle, and max values.

[MKII] Sample waveform view has been added on SMPL PAGE 2.

[MKII] Updated the graphics in the CONTROL INPUT 1/2 menus.

Pressing and holding FUNC , and then turning the knob for the DELAY TIME parameter now snaps to a set of fixed values instead of an offset to the previous value.

The user is now prompted to select SysEx transfer interface when sending project backups and USB+MIDI is selected.

[MKII] The LOAD PROJECT and SAVE PROJECT menus now include a header.


Great! THX!

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Hello, does anyone know if it’s possible to use the randomisation function on a scene only?
I’m trying to make a few ‘random’ scenes to jam with my existing pattern…