Randomizer ideas for digitone / digitakt / syntakt

I love the randomizer on digitone, by holding down the page you wanna randomize like syn1, syn2, lfo, amp etc… and then hitting yes and that option is on digitakt and syntakt too… However I wish we could just randomize one parameter at a time instead of the entire page. I would suggest pressing down on one of the A through H knobs and hitting yes to randomize each parameter as well. This way we can just randomize what we want!

I realize you can just scroll through each one and find something, but sometimes the element of surprise is inspiring and sometimes we don’t want all parameters to randomize at the same time. We may only need 1 or 2 or 3 of the parameters to randomize and then we got something new!

Hmm maybe a global randomize matrix could be cool. Say hold function and press knob C / G / F and only those pressed knobs get randomized etc… Or a global matrix in the set up where we can choose which knobs we want randomized at any time. I guess there’s a few ways to go about doing it differently then a whole page randomizer.

I hope they do this sometime! Anyone else like that idea?