Re-organising samples - will it affect my current tracks?

Hello! Bit of advice needed which I don’t think I’ll be able to find in the manual…I’m wanting to re-sort all my samples in the set currently loaded on my octa so each kind of sound (hats/snare/bass drum etc) are grouped together. At the moment I have them grouped in terms of what device they’ve been sampled from (DX/SH101/909 etc). If I reorganise the samples to be in the former order (by sound), will this mean I would have to re-link all the track’s sounds with the new location of their sample, as they are in a new location in the sample library? Or will the octa just link the sound with the file of the same name in the library? Obviously could find out myself but probably won’t reorganise if it’s going to be that much faff.

Yes, after moving the samples, the octatrack won’t know where they are.
One thing you could do is go to each project and use the collect samples feature. this will make a copy of all the samples in use for that project in the projects folder.
Now when you reorganize your samples, the old projects will still work because they have all the samples in their own folders.
At this point you can re-assign your samples to the samples in the audio folder instead of the ones in the project folder if you like.


Great, thanks for the tip!

What if I want to start better organizing my samples as I record them? Is there a function to save to a folder and not just the audio pool?

Menu Personalize > SAVE SAMPLES TO > PROJect DIRectory or AUDio POOL