Recommendations for amp sim pedal

I’d like to be able to run my electric guitar and bass thru my fx pedals and straight into the Octatrack w/o needing to run it through my computer (guitar rig)

Is this a thing that’s possible ?


I use my Strymon Iridium for that very purpose. I also use a VT Bass DI for my bass.

Any preamp that will increase the signal to line level with a speaker emulator will do (can be 2 separate pedals or the same pedal that does both), just choose one that models amps that you are interested in. In my example, I love the Fender Deluxe Reverb and Ampeg SVT amps, so that’s why I chose the pedals I did.

Hope that helps!


Currently I use a TC Helicon VoiceLive 3 - can be found used for not too much.

Planning on switching to a Tech21 Sansamp or Fly Rig… Probably a Fly RIg PL-1. (all-analog path appeals to me)

Same ! I’ve been wondering if the line 6 hx stomp would do the trick

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Absolutely! I would say an HX Stomp is great if you also want the rest of the functionality it has. For me, I wanted simpler modelers, as I have separate pedals for the rest, but the HX Stomp is among the best multi-effects out there. It can output instrument and line level, and has multiple amp models and speaker emulations.

Technically, the Zoia can also do this, but the amp/speaker sims aren’t super specialized, but it is a good option for if someone who is looking for something delightfully weird.

Poly Effects Digit/Beebo is my go to. It’s like an easier to use Zoia with a touch screen and 2x stereo in and out. Amp/cab/tape machine simulation, impulse response stuff, all the effects you could want, multiple ports from Mutable instruments, a sequencer, a digital patch environment that makes sense, etc…
Its straightforward enough to get up and running easily but expansive enough to feel like I won’t need another pedal for a really long time, if ever (this thing keeps getting unexpected giant bonus feature additions, look at the firmware updates on the website to see my point here.
Worth a look IMO.

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This thing is… intereting. The slap delay is nice and gritty. The chorus is quite nice with full depth and rate. The EQs are kinda shit, but they are there.

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I’ve been looking for something like this. The Fly Rig seems like more than I’d want. I already have plenty of effects pedals. Is it just a PSA 2.0 with more effects?

Wait, the Fly Rig is actually cheaper? I’m confused.

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I have the neunaber neuron+iconoclast combo which i am very happy with. Heard good things about the strymon iridium.

I’m very happy with the strymon iridium. Before that I was using a little 15w 5150 head into a torpedo captor reactive load. Even though some people love the convenience of the iridium amp sim I ended up switching it to cam sim mode (ie just use the IR). I purchased some stereo IRs from ownHammer and they sound amazing. Then just lust week I added a victory v4 preamp pedal which I run in the 5150 fx loop (essentially overriding/replacing the 5150 preamp). I’m really pleased with this setup. This really feels and sounds like the real thing, with no complaints from the neighbors.

guitar -> fx pedals -> victory -> 5150 fx return -> captor -> iridium (IR) -> mixer

But if you want a simple, single box solution, the iridium would be a good choice.

I’ve also heard good things about the Iridium.

An alternative that might be worth checking out, if it doesn’t have to be an actual pedal, might be something like Blackstar’s HT-1RH head:

It’s a 1W real valve amp with cab emulation available on a stereo jack output (which can also be used for headphones). There is also a 5W version that gains separate tone controls.

I really like having actual tube overdrive/distortion. But you won’t have as wide a tonal variety available with this as with a fully digital amp & cab sim.

Victory into valve head into the Strymon sounds like the best of both worlds. At least without spending a grand on the Waza tube amp expander (and having a very expensive valve amp).

Yes! The 5150 clean channel is not that great (compared to the crunch channel). The v4 “The Copper” offers an impressively clean valve based overdrive in a (large) pedal sized box and works really conveniently in the fx loop using a 4 cable method.

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Nice !!!

Thanks for all the info guys.

I knew yinz would come thru. :blush:

Definitely checking out the Iridium.
Looks like it could be just what I need.

But damn that HX monstrosity looks pretty insane !
Those crazy little modular pedals are awesome too.

I’ll probably start out with the Iridium.

Thanks everyone.

Happy Holidays. :christmas_tree::snowflake::blush: