Record Line to iPhone using TRRS cable into headphone jack/lighting dongle

Hello all! I’m a proud almost new owner of the Digitakt, just one day to arrive to me :slight_smile: been using different hardware and software devices over the years, and recently discover the Digitakt and fell in love with it.

I checked the forum and found lot of posts about using an external recorder with the Digitakt for recording live performances, also Overbridge through a computer to record de MASTER output or the 8 different audio tracks directly to the computer, but didnt find anyone using this option with iphone, that is just connecting the DT output to the headphone jack/lightning dongle using a TRRS jack cable to just use withthe phone recorder:

anyone tried???

On the other hand, does anyone tried OverBridge for live recording of MASTER output? sounds good?

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It’s possible but what you’re doing there is recording through the mic input. It’ll be mono and you’ll have to watch the levels.

You can get a number of fairly cheap and small USB interfaces that will work with an iPhone - I think there’s a thread about this here.

If you don’t absolutely have to record into your phone, using Overbridge into a computer will sound perfect.

ohhhh will be mono???

yes, Overbridge will be great for what i want that is instagram and YT videos…

There are some suggestions here:

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you can buy Analog Heat - it works as class compliant USB interface and you can plug directly into your phone!

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out of budget ahahahahah its just for bouncing live sessions to YT and IG :slight_smile:

THANKS!!! :slight_smile:

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I got the Rode SC4 cable but as mentioned before it will record in mono.

The outcome is good but you have to watch the levels.Best way to capture is Overbridge,it gives you the full stereo image and then in a video editor you can assign the video play in tandem with the audio.

I just recently had to build a converter box to do this exact thing. It works really well.

You need to reduce the level and remove the DC offset or it can sound awful.
I followed this:

To be clear - it basically wouldn’t work at all without this box… the signal was insanely hot (probably more due to the dc offset), and even reducing the master volume on my line level device to just a fingernail above zero introduced so much noise it was not worth it. This box solved all of that.

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Just get a Roland Go:Mixer. Fastest & easiest way to port audio from your hardware into your mobile phone. It takes some getting used to, to make sure the levels are right, but it works for what you’re asking.