Record Quick Mode vs Track + Record Buttons

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Just stumbled onto something, and wanted to understand why it works this way.

With Record Quick Mode on, a track will sample all configured sources no matter what record button you press. Meaning if a track is set to record AB, CD, and Main, it will record all of those if you press the Record 2 button.

However, if you hold a track and tap Record 2 it will only record CD inputs.

I wish that Quick Record Mode followed the inputs that the buttons correspond to (1 = AB, 2 = CD, 3 = Main).

Is this a bug or a feature?

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I wonder what “The quick mode of sampling works a bit different when sampling internal sources.” is referring to.

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I also would like to know I’m having an issue when I record samples internally I can’t hear them when I playback the sample even though the wave form is visible. I can just BARELY hear it if I turn my volume all the way up. Can’t figure it out.

Hey man, maybe you got it figured out since then but I think the Octatrack actually supports the behaviour you’re after. The manual isn’t super clear about all this so I initially gave up but I was jamming around earlier and realized that I could select which input I was recording from by pressing either the REC1, REC2 or REC3 buttons. No key combinations, just one button to press (with the correct track highlighted). This is sooo helpful.

I’m not sure why it’s not working for you though? Are you using Pick-Up or Flex machines? I’m using Flex myself so maybe this doesn’t work with Pick-Ups? I don’t think they changed this recently but are you running the latest OS too?