Recording audio to iPhone

I know the OT doesn’t have overbridge, but does that mean I cannot record audio straight to my iPhone via the phone camera kit? I see this method mentioned for the digitakt, but not the OT, was wondering if lack of overbridge meant no audio over USB either.

Looking for an easiest way to get audio to my phone/computer

Correct. You’ll need a class compliant audio interface to record from the OT.


The easiest way to record it to a computer is definitely an audio interface.

The method with the iPhone camera kit works, but you won‘t have much control over the levels.

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I don’t have an octatrack but I can tell you that if you have a stereo breakout cable and a field recorder, you can record to your recorders microsd memory card and then move the wav or mp3 files to your computer or phone with the greatest of ease.

when I use this method (not with an octatrack) I tend to like having an attenuation cable so I don’t have to fuck around with levels, but it can be done without as long as you do a dry run through first and watch the levels for clipping.

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Yes, with digitakt it is absolutely possible to connect usb cable into iphone and record audio.
Not sure about OT, but I guess it is not class complaint, so no: you can’t

OT isn’t USB Audio Class Compliant, USB storage only.

Recording audio to iPhone

Possible. You can record with OT (8m28s max), copy/paste the files on iOS or Android via USB.

Looking for an easiest way to get audio to my phone/computer

Ah, that’s what I feared, thank you. I’ll probably just go ahead and get a Motu M2 or some other audio interface.

Recording directly on the OT and then exporting could be useful in the meantime.

Better quality. Avoids a DAAD conversion.

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I don’t have an iPhone. Any issues mounting/unmounting the OT, or is it even needed?

I don’t remember particular issues on iPhone, iPad or Android (Samsung A51).
I prefer to unmount if possible.

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I was wrong with the camera kit. The OT is not audio class compliant as already mentioned here in the thread.

I also would like to recommend a pocket recorder. That‘s actually the easiest way for me.

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Pedantically, the OT is class compliant, it’s just class compliant as a CF reader. It doesn’t have an audio interface.



Octatrack >> Analog Heat >> into iPhone via USB

There are so many reasons why this is great!!


Also for AH MKI ?

All Digis can do that, and I think Analog MKIIs too.

back out through bluetooth >> laptop >> audio interface line out >> neve console >> reel to reel tape tape recorder


Yup! That’s what I use! It’s ace!

You’re making me chuckle @shigginpit

A lot.

And I love it!!!

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Check out the IK Mulitmedia iRig Pro DUO.