Recording in ableton


How can I record my elektron patterns in ableton?
Because when I record this in an audio track it does not play smooth

The Rytm does not output MIDI notes from the sequencer, only if you manually trigger a Pad. If your Rytm is lagging behind other tracks from your DAW you might need to adjust the delay compensation.

What does “play smooth” mean? Delay in relation to other tracks? Inconsistent tempo? Audio glitches?

What do you use to record?


Are you familiar with the Warp settings for each clip in Live? Please check if you are warping that recording using Beats. If so, try a quick test and change the warp algorithm to Complex Pro.

If you are unfamiliar with the warp settings, I can post images to help.

Let us know what happens and I’ll explain in more detail.

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Yes, I mean audio glitches!

Then it sounds as an issue with your interface rather than with the Rytm.

What are you using? What OS? What drivers? What settings? Can you record other outboard gear?

Double your Audio buffer and try again. Also, let us know if you’re using OB or not.