Recording individual steps from the DFAM

So i’ve run into a problem with an experiment I’m trying to do. The DFAM has 8 steps. I’ve set each of the OTs 8 tracks rec trigs on the respective step, track 1 trigs step 1, track 2 trigs step 2, etc. The idea is that I would be able to to use the OT as a drum machine that is live sampling each step of the DFAM.

It works! Kind of. Feels unreliable. It seems it skips steps some how and I cant figure out why. After a lot of trial and error, for the steps that get skipped, if i move the trig back -1/192 it trigs?

Could anyone give me a run down on whats going on or a better way to go about doing this?

How are you clocking the DFAM?

the current config is mpc sending clock to mother32 via midi and mother32’s assign output sending clock to DFAM.

have not tried myself, but another way could be to trigger the DFAM directly from OT cue out and using a pre sliced recording buffer. maybe I can try it tomorrow, I´ll let you know my result

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Ok, have you tried sending clock from OT?

I have not - the DFAM only takes CV clock so it’s gotta get that from either the mother32 or the mpc. Unfortunately it looks like there would have to be a hop between the OT and the DFAM regardless - unless you mean sending clock from the OT to the mother32? I could try that but in the event it worked, it’d be pretty tricky to pull off in my current setup :confused: The other option would be giving up a cue output to send a pulse to the DFAM, I could try that out without having to modify my config :slight_smile:

can you explain what you mean by “presliced recording buffer”? I’ve tried to slice the buffer but the option doesn’t come up when its playing.

Are you suggesting that the trigs aren’t playing the buffer due to clock drift? That would make sense, but sync seems pretty solid by ear. I do understand we’re talking milliseconds between rec/play being trigged though.

Correct. Or more specifically, clock inconsistencies between MPC and OT.

If OT sends clock to your M32 then to DFAM, and you record that, should be fine. I have sampled DFAM extensively, I got best results using OT as master clock.

I’m assuming you want the sampling process to be a live thing? (I ask as you could just sample 1 bar and chop it up, which as mentioned, can be done with a pre sliced flex playing recorder buffers, you would still need tight clock though)

Well thats the experiment. In regular use my current config samples the DFAM perfectly, no issue what so ever. What I’m trying to do is use each individual track on the octatrack to record only each step. If i’m recording loops, it works fine, I can record on all 8 tracks at the same time without issue and trig/retrig them at will. Its only in this scenario where I’m trying to sample a single step on a track and trig it multiple times that it gets flaky. Every other hit gets trigged unless I shift every other hit.

I am not sure if I’m explaining what I’m trying to do well so I’ll give an example. Lets say I make a sequence on the DFAM and the first step is a nice sharp kick that only lasts one step. I would like to record just that kick on step 1, and lay down a 4 kick pattern.

OK, just tried it.
record one bar.
slice it to 8 slices.
now when you record again OT keeps the slices.
I set the recording trig on 16 and move it far right with microtiming (so you don´t have to care about play trigs)
I trig the DFAM via cue out of OT (with a sample)
works perfect here, no skips at all
very nice Idea by the way, thanks for that !

Holy sh*t! It never dawned on me to just set the recording trig on 16. I’ve got a pulse sample I’ve used in the past to clock DFAM that worked fine. You’re a genius~! I can’t wait to try it when I get home, unfortunately running errands right now.

Addition- I also use a flex sending pulse to the DFAM, seems to work really well. If you can spare the flex track and cue output.

another nice thing just comes to my mind.
you don´t have to place the 8 trigs (and rec trigs) equally
spaced and let some room for a longer sound/sample.
so that DFAM doesn´t cut it with the next step !
wow, maybe that´s the solution to make the DFAM a proper drummachine without extra equipment.
I´m exited, will definitly check that out the next days !

any particular reason for a flex vs static? i tend to just use flex in general, but curious.

Yes!!! This was my intention! haha! Please let me know what you find out and I will do the same for you. I was thinking slow the DFAM down /4 so that each step would be a beat, then shape the sound using the OT like a drum machine. :slight_smile: We are on the same page!

Er not really. Its such a tiny little sample it just seems a bit daft to me to use a static. I tend to put long samples on static machines. Also, flex machines have slightly quicker response, and the audio editor more flexible so for this particular operation, it would be my choice.
Note: be sure to crop that pulse sample nice and tight. Also, you’ll get different timings depending on how much gain you give it, not enough and the DFAM wont trigger, too much and the clock will jitter, etc.

Interesting stuff, really good info! With the MPC handling my sampling duties now I’m able to use my OT resources a bit more freely :slight_smile: Been spending a lot more time with things like this and neighbor tracks etc :slight_smile: