Recording Octatrack into a DAW (Although you hate the DAW)

Is there any chance to record individual tracks from the OT into a DAW (with some sort of Plugin for example)?

Not as I know. But that’s nothing I would want to do anyway. You could use cue out and panning to get four tracks out of it if you take care of stereo fx.

But I do not recommend to do that. Do you want to use it as mixer, or do you play samples with it?

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Here is a very old response to the same topic

4 different tracks would work for me. 1 for Kickdrum, 1 for rest of percussion, 1 for bass, 1 for melodic content.
You can apply simple eq and compression already in the OT where neccessary.


Depending on how much memory left and how much you need, you could try capturing the 8 tracks into the record buffers, for each section of your song, then save them onto the card and export to the computer.