Recording Quality on Digitakt Inputs VS. USB Audio Interface

Hello everyone.

About to start recording an EP and the only Interface I have at the moment is my Digitakt.
I’m curious if folks here stick with their DT as their means of recording (2) 1/4" Inputs, or do you have an Interface that you prefer.

If so, why? Is quality that much better on a given interface when you A/B recordings?

I just found that I have enough in store credit to fund an SSL2 for $67.02 right now. Sadly my budget right now can’t go much higher than that. At best I’d be reaching for an Audient iD14 Mk2.

Cheers! Looking forward to hearing opinions on whether the inputs on these boxes are worthy of serious recordings!

You could use Oberbridge

I do currently use Overbridge. I’m mostly getting after what the quality difference is on a nice external audio interface vs the inputs on the Digi/Takt boxes (into Overbridge).

Well if $67 is your budget, then keep the money for beer & pizza, and just use the Digitakt. Be aware that you have 2 inputs on it, but the resulting output will be mono

(SSL2 is not bad at all, though)

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To be honest I’d expect the ADC’s on the Digitakt to be bettter than or at least as good as most affordable audio interfaces. It’s 24 bit 48khz - which is enough for most but some people do like 96khz (or more), which you can get with more expensive interfaces. That’s probably the main difference. But my soundcard can do 96khz and I still capture in 48 so I wouldn’t personally get hung up on that.

But a lot of the cost of an interface is the pre-amps, which you wouldn’t be using - so it’s likely a poor investment if you can use the Digitakt as an interface in your setup.

Digitakt has 24bit/48khz AD converter with a 110db signal/noise ratio. There isn’t much info about the type of converters and additional specs. I’m sure a lot of expensive interfaces could have better quality conversions but i don’t think many <500 euro interfaces will succeed noticeably.

Not sure what’s meant by this but although Digitakt samples in mono if you’re just capturing the inputs via Overbridge then you have 2 mono channels / stereo pair.

I agree about the beer and pizza tho.


The only having 2 Channels on the SSL2 // Any 2-Input interface is a non-issue, I don’t need to expand at all, (I have a patchbay where I can easily route things for quick recording across 2 channels).


Would I not see any serious increase in Gain // AD/DA Converters // etc, if I were to record through a decent interface?

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Electronic music recording On a budget use Digitakt as interface with a decent shielded USB cable and decent audiocables to connect to digitakt. Max output volume on connected gear and only increase the gain on the input of the DT if necessary. Keep it below 27. Record with the audio project in 24bit/48khz. With proper mixing and mastering you will achieve a solid sounding EP.


Fair enough! This is basically how I go about as things are.

I do send all channels through an old OctoPre MkII Rack PreAmp, so only my quiestest of gear seems to struggle through them.

Also, it won’t strictly be “electronic”. Although my style tends to veer that way, Vocal and Guitar recording need to be considered as well.

I think the ‘audio quality’ on DT inputs won’t be a problem. But if you’re recording vox/gtr, you might want XLR inputs and preamps with gain control. Hence interface.

Also: are you on Windows or Mac? On Windows at least, the quality of drivers for an interface makes a huge difference. I’ve recently purchased a Motu and the quality of the drivers is excellent. Latency and stability are noticeably better than they were using AH as an interface, and there’s also the benefit of better gain control, dedicated preamps, monitor outs etc.

As stated, I do have an older preamp (OctoPre MkII) that runs XLR/1/4’ combo jacks into a patch bay, so gain control is good to go. I feel like the sound the preamp pushes is kinda meh, no coloration, but distorts on some of my quieter gears.

On Windows, and my drivers are usually solid with the Elektron driver/ob/fw for DT being updated whenever I hear of a new one coming along.

I really don’t think it’d give you gains enough worth worrying about. Save up for a better interface with your next EP!

I won’t argue that a better interface will give you better results. I just got done demoing a ton of converters and ended up with a prism titan that just blows me away by how much of an improvement it is over my older interfaces. But I agree with what others have said in this case that at best the ssl will just be a marginal improvement. Better to just save up for something a little more high end. If you only need minimal I/O the prism Lyra 2, merging Anubis, or lynx hilo are the three I would be looking at.


Those recommendations might be just a smidge out of the OP’s budget.

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If you ever need to record a microphone or guitar. Then more expensive preamps make a difference. Particularly with chonky dynamic mics like the SM7B. I have compared several interfaces.

Entry level interfaces are very good nowadays and the difference is nothing the average listener to a track would honestly care about. Unless you’re running a pro studio it’s %100 just personal gratification to upgrade “sound quality”. All that matters is make a good track.

I have a 100% nice RME and Neumann setup now and still like my songs I recorded with a shit mic and interface. So… you aren’t going to have a problem. I’d just stick with DIGITAKT

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  1. OP uses the digitakt and saves the $67.02 for later use
  2. OP Releases EP
  3. OP Profits
  4. OP Gets a good interface that will actually make a noticeable difference.

At least that is my hope for how it all turns out.


Brilliant. You should be my agent.

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Or another possibility:
OP uses the Digitakt as audio interface forever and be happy with it. :slight_smile:

The sound quality of the Digitakt should be enough to make “professional” music.
But of course there will be a difference when using better converters. Though it’s hard to tell how much more money to spend for an interface to really notice a difference. Makes me wonder if somebody made an audio quality comparison between Digitakt and other interfaces.

Btw i still use an old RME Multiface and some of the newer interfaces don’t sound better. Some do though. Makes me wonder if i should upgrade at some point. :thinking: But the rme drivers are pretty solid. Which can’t be said about some other companies’ drivers that friends of mine had to deal with.