Removing "ERROR" files faster

Am tidying up my Octatrack and was wondering if there is a fast way of clearing sample slots than going through each one individually?

Every time I clear a slot and then come back out of the Audio Editor I have to go back in to the sample list and scroll down from the top, not a massive deal but it seems a very slow way to have to do it. Do you always have to exit the editor and go back in and scroll down to the next slot you want to clear? Thank you!!!

No you don’t need to use audio editor.

Double tap track of type (static/flex) you want to clear samples from, move to errors using arrow or level, when you find one hit func+play (clear) it will ask yes/no hit yes, move to next hit func+play, yes, and so on.

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Oh my God, I have been doing it the other way for yearsss!! I am an idiot!!! Thank you so much :partying_face:

It would be great if OT had the same way of marking samples with a :heavy_check_mark: as Rytm does for loading/unloading samples, I sent it as a feature request before maybe if more people asked it they might add it.

That’s a great idea, will mail them now :slightly_smiling_face:

One thing to remember with the method I mentioned, don’t double tap SRC to get to slot list or you will clear the pattern, you have to double tap track as mentioned. If you forget and double tap SRC then clear it will clear pattern without warning, don’t panic just repeat the clear and it will undo.

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Will keep that in mind, thank you!!