Repairs/spare parts Mk 1 Octa

I’m being tempted by an Octatrack Mk 1 that’s listed at a fairly good price.One of the buttons ( track trig) doesn’t work, easy fix I guess but it got me wondering what sort of replacement parts are available if other things go wrong later on.

Few of the parts will be proprietary, like switches, pots etc. - even if you end up with something slightly different there will be something suitable - custom stuff like button caps, knobs, the case etc. will be in limited supply but Elektron seem to still have some kicking around for those in need - surely not for too much longer though. 3rd party screen replacements are possible. That said you shouldn’t be wearing through your buttons any time soon and any d shaft knob will work so I dunno, I wouldn’t worry too much about that stuff personally. It’s also not really that old yet, you’re long away from worrying about unreliable electronics imo.


I repaired 2 of them with cyanolite glue.