Replacing Octatrack with Rytm

Friends at the forum.

I’ve owned a Rytm for about a week, and the way I work with samples, I’m finding that the Rytm might actually replace the Octatrack for me. The workflow suits me better and I think it sounds way better too.

Anyone else made this journey or am I just in the honey moon phase still?

I should add that I use loops, one shots and chromatic samples. Don’t do much mangling, slicing, beating, abusing and brutalizing, and I don’t use a DAW or the Octatrack instead of one. My tracks are built within the instruments and then performed live, as they’re recorded or played at gigs. So obviously, depending on what you’re using the Octatrack for, this depends.

But anyway, yeah, anyone else made this discovery or journey or similar?

Yes my feelings too, I find the RYTM the superior box in many ways. Im sure there are others who will disagree.

The goal for me was the analog sound thats why i sold my OT and buy the Rytm.

One Man one Machine.

I’m very happy now :wink:

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I went through the same thoughts. If I had to choose 1 device, this would be the Rytm for sure! However, I (meanwhile) decided to keep the OT for live sampling and mangling of recorded audio, 6-7 tracks of sampling mayhem! different useage profile than before. So I did replace the OT with the Rytm and use the OT for something partly different now.

Previous setup of the OT: a bunch of sample chains, 5 tracks for drums, 3 pickup machines to record from my iPad.

Current setup of the OT: no samples loaded into flex/static slots, 1 through and 3 pickups listening to the audio in from the Rytm (main out, everything except kick, snare, clap), these 4 tracks together are the first ‘deck’. Two flex recorders assigned to track 8 (master fx track), one with 64 step length and one-shot recorder trig (second deck), one with 16 steps always recording from track 8 (third deck). One track remaining for something else.


No, not in a sense. You can’t sample or resample, but once you got a sample in the Rytm, there’s lots of stuff you can do with it. But it treats the sample more like an oscillator, like I’m imagining that the new Electribe Sampler will do. So the filters and the amp work wonders with the sound, and the dist and comp just sounds great. With some overdrive added, you’ve just got something very warm and natural.
But it’s not a sampler and I doubt it ever will be. It just works very well for what I like to do with samples. But the more you’re into the Octatrack’s warping mangling bashing, the less of that you’ll find in the Rytm.

Right now, I use the Octatrack to sample whatever and then shift this over to the Rytm. Everything from loops and sequences to one shots and fx.

Sounds criminally clever. Gotta try that, once I figure out how to do it.

I am thinking about adding an Analog Keys to the Rytm and be done with it after that. I’m a keyboard player and still miss just being able to jam and jazz, and the tactile feeling of a nice keyboard.

Got a Sub37, but the four voices, the sequencer, effects and all that, just feels like a more complete package for my purpose.

I don’t have experience with elektron product developnebt and updates… But is there a chance ar will have more functionality from the ot? Or will every machine be different? More Sample functionality in rytm will be very interesting, and the quality of the ar and A4 is much higher than the quality of the ot.

They definitely have the code to do this, but will not implement it! Elektron’s product strategy tries to ensure that you buy several devices.

I wouldnt be surprised if Overbridge adds live sampling to the Rytm. Of course, its still “out of the box” because you’d need that USB audio input from a computer running the plug-in.

It seems possible given the scope of it as Elektron has laid out - but maybe Im just dreaming here.

They definitely have the code to do this, but will not implement it! Elektron’s product strategy tries to ensure that you buy several devices.[/quote]
if this is their strategy it’s a very good one and I heartily approve… makes total sense, but in all sincerity, I don’t think this is the case. I’ve been messing about building some electronics and one thing is very clear, component selection, circuit design, chip selection etc… is a rarefied process to say the least. It’s not like software that can be rewritten too suit - even though parts of the machines are kinda like that, there are significant sections that are really not![/quote]
I agree, maybe I oversimplified things when saying ‘definitely’ with regard to some code. They would ‘definitely’ be able to do or would have been able to add this if they wanted to.

However, just look at their devices, they are clearly separated.

Yes, this one sounds realistic, because no other Elektron device does have this feature yet!

If that’s gonna happen, Elektron is gonna have to stop joking about the Rytm’s line input. No one’s laughing anymore.

Jokes aside, the Octatrack’s main thing isn’t that it can sample, but how it samples and what you can do with it later. If the Rytm just added a sample in feature, a simple one like on the Roland toy samplers, no one would get hurt. It would just add convenience, not competition to their own product line.

if you’re refering to the sp-sereies, that’s a bit harsh. in some ways the sp-404, for example, has bested nearly all comers with it’s streaming from card (well, ok not the OT). anyway, not trying to argue it.
As for recording via overbridge, seems doable but the memory limit will get hit sooner than later. It will get inconveniant unless they make some kind of hot swap patterns plus samples which I kind of don’t see happening. The microsampler has this with it’s added software and that is pretty conveniant, the sp-404sx as well (it may just be samples and not banks, i have the og which doesn’t have the software :angry:).
as for replacing your OT, you know best about this. I really want to add one bc I have lots of vinyl i want to sample from. Actually, I’m waiting to see how sample management will be implemented on the the new esx2 b4 getting the OT. I think the OT would be better but cheap and portable goes a long for me.

Right Im talking about something simple, just a record function, most likely offline - (meaning it wouldnt be possible with the sequencer running), but who knows maybe thats ok too

No offense, but you probably don’t realize that these toy samplers gave us Madlib and influenced Dilla, created Flying Lotus, and account for most of Stonesthrow and half of Brainfeeder.

Long live the SPs!

im in a similar situ

ive better midi sequencers and better sounding samplers
ie MP-7, SP-808

so its only the unique stuff the OT does that has my interest
but due to its awkward file handling, it all to often interferes with my workflow

and where i’m hoping rusty edit will compensate

if not its out the door,
i may get an AR, but
now i’m far more cautious with any of their products
as i rather be able to flip gear quickly if it doesnt suit
without big losses from buying new.

I’d recommend the AR over the OT for straightforward sample mojo with analog power.

Depends on what you want an Elektron sampler for though, I guess?