[ Request ] Pictures from your ELEKTRON instruments

Hello, I need your photo contributions from your ELEKTRON machines.

i do not want to go further with Elektron materials for right purpose first, and secondly to go further and gives us fresh pieces as Wallpapers for our devices. i felt they do a great job regarding graphic design no doubt, but they do not offer that much in terms of Wallpaper, Icons, Folders & Goodies (all right for Tee and Merchandising)

i don’t want to make things for money (even if this things represent time, at the moment i do something for others if it’s not including for me first or personal pleasure then i would see, this a general explanation it’s not regarding this thread just to explain why i share free stuff, plus here it’s more of a collaboration rather than anything else…)

I call you to Help me to offer our community a beautiful series of Wallpaper on all Elektron machines (quote) There’s NO RUSH on THIS you have TIME. This pictures will serve as material for the Wallpapers creation they will be tweaked, enhanced, maybe more but the most this material is HD and well shoot, the better the Wallpaper will be.

Now a little bit of considerations, and advises on what i expect technically in terms of photos

(the credits will be mentioned for each visual I will use) :

  • First don’t worry it’s not a contest

  • You can take your photo in Auto i don’t care (at least, please not too dark and not too bright, good exposition please…)

  • You’re instruments need to be in good state important for the 1st Series if there scratch for the 2nd Series you can go :wink:

  • 1st Series (for all Elektron Instruments) Product Shoot Style, 1 instrument focus by Picture : Photo shoot on TriPods, If possible on a piece of white paper, color paper if brushed aluminum machine (size A0, A1, A2) on a table on on the ground, curve the piece of paper and shoot it on top of the instrument and perspective view like the new MKII model see on Elektron website to uderstand), natural light is better, no too much reflections on instruments as far as possible. Send it as RAW file just ensure it well exposed. i take care of the next. (For this one i need to you to declare which Elektron instruments you will cover so we are not too much to take the same i think 2 people for each instruments, i would end with some picture unused so)

Exemple :

  • 2nd Series : Take the same twice in Portrait (Vertical) and in Paysage (Horizontal) Probably need to be twice (better on Tripods as well - maybe with a remote if you’re alone) on this one but you can send it without hands, harms, foots or whatever, but i think it should be cool the style outside with one person behind at work to tweak the machine…). No need to declare you will make it, there’s no participation limits here. You have more liberty on this one (credits will be cite as well as it’s more a piece of art from you i will just tweaked as better i can sharpness etc… and make those HD Laptop, Tablet, Phone wallpaper then.) So your Instrument(s) battery powered outside from you (i don’t need your face just someone behind AT WORK so hands, foot, harms that’s what i have in mind) it can be in the Nature, Train Station, Dead Place, Factory Place, on the Grass, You’re Free to make things Cool here. (You need to have at least one Elektron instrument on the picture that’s all) No participations limits on this one, no need to declare yourself.

  • Photo specifications : APS-C (DX) or FULL FRAME (FX) i don’t care if it’s DSLR or Hybrid or whatever. Minimum Size : 5160 x 3872 pixels (Please don’t take it smaller and make it bigger on the computer)

  • Sending your Pictures : Dropbox sharing, icloud drive sharing, google drive sharing, https://wetransfer.com (use free edition) and www.transfernow.net… to name a few. RAW files only and send it to this email adress : http://www.google.com/recaptcha/mailhide/d?k=01SSwf_Y4IbXY8dvmhXrsKsQ==&c=Kt7KOrbLcriTVtifFzvqtKf8QGXQDAhGmbk4bCwkkgE=

Instruments required :

  1. Sidstation (State as it is…)

  2. Machinedrum (Don’t care of non UW and UW etc…)

  3. Monomachine SFX6

  4. Monomachine

  5. Octatrack mk1

  6. Analog Four mk1

  7. Analog Rytm mk1

  8. Analog Keys (Done for the First series @plainjanefrancis pictures are just perfect)

  9. Analog Drive

  10. Analog Heat

  11. Digitakt

  12. Octatrack MKII

  13. Analog Four MKII

  14. Analog Rytm MKII

I thank you by advance for this : For the 1st Series just name the Instruments you will cover in your comment so i will count on you. When a second person is also declare he/she will cover the same instrument as well (i will try to comment and close participations for this instrument for the 1st series when 2 people is reach on a particular instrument) There is no limits on the 2sd series ! :wink:

I don’t need more on that same instrument. Note: you can engage yourself on more than one instruments if you have it all feel free… 2 people is sufficient by instruments for the 1st series.


I’ll shoot the Analog Keys.


Great ! 1 more for the Analog Keys. Thanks @plainjanefrancis :wink:

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here’s the link to download the raw file: https://we.tl/R64wVD9Hlw


Do my attempts at fancy pants shooting count? Or is just too much hipster beard mocca latte happy socks going on here?


Your minimum size of 20 megapixel will rule out most of us.


You jest, sir. Who’s this Mega-Pixel and where can I challenge him to duel?


I Know but if i want to reach most size even retina screen i can’t ask for less than that…

Perfect !


You can post here but i wait full size on my email, but if it’s Turn as a simple photo thread where orientation and size don’t matter no problem. Your pictures are beautiful guys… i like it but it’s frustrating for me to not use it and make wallpaper with it. But if you not reply according to the technical rules i mention in the thread… I won’t use it. A bit of a shame because it’s beautiful photos


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i don’t need more Analog Keys for the First series (@plainjanefrancis pictures are just perfect) but as i said in the thread 2d series is free and have no limits so you can submit AK at any time. The 1st series for the Analog Keys regarding my needs are closed.

Totally respect what you wanna do here. I’m out, though. I shoot with my phone and it won’t reach what you’re after. All good, looking forward to the net result of this either way.

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