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Dear Electroctatrons
Simple setup, big question:
Drum samples on T1-T4, RecBuffer5 on T5 with a one shot trig for the recorder to sample the main outs and the normal trig one one to trig the RecBuffer5. Crossfader sets scene A T1-T4 XLV to MAX and T5 XLV to MIN. Scene B vise versa.

Question: why is the volume of the “re-sampled” main out not as high as the sound comming out of the main jacks? Not even if I boost the RecBuffer5 12dB…?

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there’s a link in this thread which may give you some food for thought !

Thanks man!
Interesting facts. And surprisingly new posts in this thread.
So my conclusion is that I have to boost the sample with it’s max. 12 dB within the attributes and then push it again on the amp page. Or is there a way to boost the main level on the input during resampling.

This guy here does seem to have the solution to this problem:

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for me, tarekith’s second transition trick video ( was an aha moment. My attempts to sample stuff coming in from AB didn’t sound right until I started using SRC3 on T8 as the Master track. I don’t think that using the Master track was the key (sometimes I use a Thru machine instead), but to sample a track rather than the inputs. All the sudden, it became ‘what you hear is what you get’. Things are going more smoothly sampling for me now.


Thanks glaciertree
Resampling of the cue out does it for me. Very flexible and quick slolution.

Happy hollidays!

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hi hagbard
I haven’t tried using cue. I should probably try that sometime. Might mean I wouldn’t have to use up a track. Happy holidays to you too!

Great stuff, gonna have to look into this !