Resampling thread

I mean this is probably obvious to all seasoned Octatrack users… But I have finally gotten over my avoidance of doing real-time resampling, and wow… I wish I had done it sooner. Previously I was using it more as a one-shot machine, and got some nice tracks this way, but this is completely on another level… I have recorded loads of loops this morning of my favourite drum chains, which were all as static samples, and put the resampled loops on flex tracks, and doing loads of great weirdness with them.

Long story short, if you have an OT and are afraid of resampling… don’t be, you will be very glad you did it.


gotta try it myself,

like you, I’m working with one shots and some static but never really tried resampling for composition (I use resampling for my transitions though)

Resampling and Pickup machines are the two areas of the OT that I’ve been slow to pick up (have had mine almost a year now). Resampling is always in the list of “top reason why OT is a must have”. I need to get on it. Thanks for the push!

Is there a tut you recommend for this resampling business? :slight_smile:

I had reached a point where I’ve had the OT for 8 months, and wasn’t satisfied with what I was coming up with on it, so something had to give, and I had to get over my fear of the resampling! Just programmed some 64bar sequences, sampled the master track, and then saved them into the audio pool.

I feel like many more happy accident happen when the OT is working on loops instead of one-shots. Especially if your original loop is a bit off the grid, or makes plentiful use of the RTIM parameter.

I’m still not convinced the OT is right for me, but it feels good to double down and really try to do things it’s way!


This was the one I checked out this morning

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resample resequence rinse repeat.

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I have seen the light

happy for you buddy. joy awaits.


To further add to this, I would like to say that my best results are now from working with the timestretch set to ON! Previously I had been working with it switched off, because of a v slight loss of fidelity, which I now see was missing the point of using the OT in this way.

Just go wild! Resample, stretch and enjoy the weirdness.

always good to hear about someone learning their gear to the full… had the same feeling mastering my tanzbar yesterday … its a real head scratcher when you start but the time learning an os of any kit is satisfying and worth doing. i love the elektron workflow… never had an issue other than my own laziness with their gear

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Yep I thought long and hard about getting one of those, they sound great, brilliant kick and clap! Once you get the hang of it, it’s all good! The thing about the OT is that there are so many ways to work, so many options, it can be difficult to get the results you think you should be getting. It takes time…

totally agree. and had the same thoughts… but the ot doesnt have those kicks… id pay hundreds for the right kick… and did!

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ideally id own both…

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Now all you gotta do is make a bunch of tanzbar samples for the OT users and bask in the glory of it all…!

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ive heard that … id have to try it… the main point of the tanzbar is the way it sounds coming out the machine… but i will be trying this and dont doubt it would work to a degree. just not a fan of manipulating samples of such an expensive piece of gear into a conduit sampler… one day i will have both i hope

I wasn’t a sample person until I got an OT, and now I am very much a sample person. I still synthesize quite a lot, but there are many layers of complexity in samples and resampled material that make it sound very satisfying!


brilliant machines!! elektron push the bar and then some

yeah dude after yr done shredding samples turn it off again and see what happens.

playing with rate w timestretch off can be interesting


Timestretch off is important to know.

With Timestretch off, you can hear directly what you record, so you can overdub with Flex, using Cue as source, even in slave mode.
Pickups can’t overdub if Ot is slaved.