Restoring/downloading factory samples/project

Btw you can use OT without samples! :content:
:loopy: :elot: Comb Comp Contest!
Or sample its metronome, or jacks…
Octatrack Metronome Only Warp Experiment Science Lab
INABCD Jacks sampling challenge :loopy:

When I registered the Octatrack, then went to My Sound Packs I think it was. Under the account menu on right, there are all the factory presets. I think this is what you are looking for. It is irrelevant for me as I run OS X Catalina. New machine so I have no choice. C6 won’t work, and CF card was not included when I purchased from Sweetwater (Demo). Starting in Demo mode has resulted in Silence so I am clueless about the machine. Cannot get to the samples. But I did find them!!

Loopmasters provide the default samples.
I emailed them and asked for the content which they then sent on a link for.

Download the samples back from your account.
There files you download from elektron as a back up and some sample packs.
If you see the wave files and cant hear anything check levels, etc… they will be there. Had the Same issue at first.
Octatrack is pretty difficult at first and the manual reads back wards dor some reason.
But keep at it it will get easier for you hopefully.

I want to smash against the wall at times. Stick with it though .

Same prblem, I download this file “ES_DPS1MK2_FACTORY_PRESETS” but don’t remember where ^^

In your elektron account